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message 1: by Rachel (new)

Rachel If you were a character which one would you be?

message 2: by Rachel (new)

Rachel I think I would be like Arrie(spell check?) because I am just as crazy as her at time!

message 3: by Joselyn (new)

Joselyn (Jojolatina159) | 2 comments I would so be Lucinda's smart side. Yup I'm a little nerdy at times too.

message 4: by Rachel (new)

Rachel I'm nerdy at all times! Not a little!!!!!! A lot!!!!!!!!

♫Rose4ever♫ ~ Katerina  Mikhailov  ~    (Team Dimitri/Gale/Jace) hmm i like Arrie a lot 4 some reason and am like her ! :)

message 6: by Rachel (new)

Rachel Ha! Arrie is awesome!!!!

message 7: by Indiana (new)

Indiana | 3 comments Arriane. She simply is amazing and has an explosive personality.

♫Rose4ever♫ ~ Katerina  Mikhailov  ~    (Team Dimitri/Gale/Jace) yaa i like loved her the firrst secind she came into it

message 9: by Rachel (new)

Rachel I loved her in the hospital! She would soooo cheer me up!

message 11: by Rachel (new)

Rachel Just bought Torment 50 pages in! Amazing!

♫Rose4ever♫ ~ Katerina  Mikhailov  ~    (Team Dimitri/Gale/Jace) rlly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!idk when im gonna get it

♫Rose4ever♫ ~ Katerina  Mikhailov  ~    (Team Dimitri/Gale/Jace) arent the covers awesome!!!!!!!!

message 14: by Rachel (new)

Rachel The covers are epic! On page 100 and I am loving every minute of it! I wish I were Luce!

message 15: by [deleted user] (new)

I just finished Torment the other day!! It's amazing!! I'm so jealous of Luce, Daniel is so amazing!

message 16: by Rachel (new)

Rachel I just got it on page three hundred ninety something! I hate and love Miles!

♫Rose4ever♫ ~ Katerina  Mikhailov  ~    (Team Dimitri/Gale/Jace) aaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

i dont have it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

message 18: by Rachel (new)

Rachel I've finished it... SOOOOOOOOO GOOOD!!!

♫Rose4ever♫ ~ Katerina  Mikhailov  ~    (Team Dimitri/Gale/Jace) sooooooooooo jealous!!!!!!!!!

my friend says jelly!!!!!!shes funny!lolz (tht was random)

message 20: by Rachel (new)

Rachel Yep just a little random but still totally funny

message 21: by ♫Rose4ever♫ ~ Katerina Mikhailov ~ (last edited Oct 20, 2010 02:09PM) (new)

♫Rose4ever♫ ~ Katerina  Mikhailov  ~    (Team Dimitri/Gale/Jace) but seriously she''l tell people "ur jelly, arent u" meaning jealous

okay dont u like Cam instead of Daniel

message 22: by Rachel (new)

Rachel No I'm in love with Daniel but I do agree Cam is freakin awesome!

♫Rose4ever♫ ~ Katerina  Mikhailov  ~    (Team Dimitri/Gale/Jace) ohh okay i stil kinda love Cam!!!!!but i found him very aynoning in the begging of the book

message 24: by Rachel (new)

Rachel Which book, Torment or Fallen? Cause in Fallen he was annoyingly cocky.

♫Rose4ever♫ ~ Katerina  Mikhailov  ~    (Team Dimitri/Gale/Jace) fallen I HAVENT READ TORMENT!!!:(

message 26: by Rachel (new)

Rachel Right.... you really have to! Its amazing!!!!!!

message 27: by Alex :D :p :) (new)

Alex :D :p :) | 1 comments What happens in torment cause i am going to read it soon and i dont know weather to or not cause at the start of fallen it was kind of boring

message 28: by Rachel (new)

Rachel It is really good but I can't spoil it for you!

♫Rose4ever♫ ~ Katerina  Mikhailov  ~    (Team Dimitri/Gale/Jace) ya i felt kinda the same 4 the beginning of Fallen but it picked up and from wat i hear pple say torment is gooddd!!`

message 30: by Rachel (new)

Rachel it is! i don't want to spoil it but... IT IS JUST SOOOOOO GOOD

♫Rose4ever♫ ~ Katerina  Mikhailov  ~    (Team Dimitri/Gale/Jace) lolz ya dont rlly want it spoiled BUT OMG cant wait to get it

message 32: by Rachel (new)

Rachel Just a warning the beginning is slightly slow but the end.... WOW!

♫Rose4ever♫ ~ Katerina  Mikhailov  ~    (Team Dimitri/Gale/Jace) lolz still cant wait

message 34: by Rachel (new)

Rachel I saw that you are reading Stolen... is it good!?!?!

message 35: by Alexis (new)

Alexis Nosic (whitelightstar140) | 5 comments omg love love love miles. finished torment a few weeks ago. i would say im like stefany, stupid and crazy

message 36: by Rachel (new)

Rachel Miles! Ekk I hate him(sorry Team Daniel all the way)! Who is stefany... is he in Fallen or Torment?

message 37: by Tamlyn (new)

Tamlyn  (sushipie) | 7 comments Lol! Why is Arriane so popular?:D lol. . . Definately Franscesca. . .Eep! the whole demon-angel-love thing with Stephen! now that really must some other kind of deep tormented love.

message 38: by Rachel (new)

Rachel That is the perfect description! I love Arriane and I think that we will figure out something about her in the next books...

message 39: by Tamlyn (new)

Tamlyn  (sushipie) | 7 comments Yeah, hopefully :D . . . Like how she got that scar.

message 40: by Rachel (new)

Rachel I just want to know her history....

Amber. Vampire Queen. (booklovingqueen) | 98 comments Rachel wrote: "Miles! Ekk I hate him(sorry Team Daniel all the way)! Who is stefany... is he in Fallen or Torment?"

i hate miles aswell he needs 2 die a slow painful death

message 42: by Tamlyn (new)

Tamlyn  (sushipie) | 7 comments LoL!!

message 43: by Rachel (new)

Rachel Amber (LOVES DIMKA) wrote: "Rachel wrote: "Miles! Ekk I hate him(sorry Team Daniel all the way)! Who is stefany... is he in Fallen or Torment?"

i hate miles aswell he needs 2 die a slow painful death"

Ha! Agreed!

message 44: by craeon (new)

craeon | 28 comments Miles is a nuisance. (no offense to team Miles) -_-

message 45: by Rachel (new)

Rachel Ha!

message 46: by Rachel (new)

Rachel Agreed!

message 47: by Emily (new)

Emily (powers) | 13 comments He's a creeper and completely blind seeing that if I'm correct when he was young his mom told him the story how Luce and Daniel are completely in love.

How does he think he can even break that up!

message 48: by Maddie (last edited Jun 07, 2011 02:17AM) (new)

Maddie | 320 comments Mod

message 49: by Maddie (new)

Maddie | 320 comments Mod
Amber (loves Dimka and Edward + more) wrote: "Rachel wrote: "Miles! Ekk I hate him(sorry Team Daniel all the way)! Who is stefany... is he in Fallen or Torment?"

i hate miles aswell he needs 2 die a slow painful death"


Amber. Vampire Queen. (booklovingqueen) | 98 comments eeh U don't want me to start on cam

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