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message 1: by Locé (last edited Sep 07, 2010 07:31AM) (new)

Locé Styx Name:
Code Name:
Alien Age:
Mission (On Earth):
Home Planet: ((you can make one up if you want))

message 2: by Andy (last edited Sep 07, 2010 07:28AM) (new)

Andy Name: Hades
Code Name: Trent
Age: 17
Alien Age: 2000
Appearance: his skin is blue of course but he changed the air on earth changed the colour.

Powers: Water, and ice
Mission (On Earth): to make all water frozen here so Pluto is not the only one without water.
Home Planet: Pluto
Family?: none
Other: none really

message 3: by Locé (new)

Locé Styx Name: Zara
Code Name: Tarabell
Age: 16
Alien Age: 123456789
Powers: she's got a special vision that she can tell someone's personality. fire.
Mission (On Earth): kill bad guys...
Home Planet: Mars (She's been watching the human race intently and has made up her mind they are selfish and uncaring- they need to be taken care of)
Family?: none
Other: in brackets under 'planet'

message 4: by Andy (new)

Andy cool

message 5: by Locé (new)

Locé Styx mhmm

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