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Locé Styx Name:

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so what is this rp about? just kids on the street, or crazy phyco killers?

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Locé Styx it explains things in the first post of the rp. its basically think as morbid as you can. so you could be crazy phyco killer, ninja, or whatever you can think of... some people might not like it so i rated it 18A so people who dont like that stuff will know and wont get scared.. etc...

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Locé Styx :)

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We shall see how i like it

Name: Izobel
Age: 17
Gender: F
Weapon: a pretty sweet gun, a blade
Personality: dark twisty, violent, trust issuses
Appearance: my usual default pic for her, i'll find it later
Other: abusive boyfriend, gang leader, lives with her boyfriend wont go back to her real home

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Locé Styx Name: (Cant say- her code name is Eliza)
Age: 19
Gender: F
Weapon: black bladed Samurai sword, throwing stars.
Personality:typical ninja personality. focused, sharp senses, gets the job done. she has a weakness- cant/won't kill kids
Appearance: dark blue hair, black eyes.
Other: She's a ninja assasin on a mission to eliminate the human race.

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