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message 1: by Penguin Teen (new)

Penguin Teen (penguinteen) | 16 comments Mod
Do you guys watch book trailers? Do you have any favorites? Post them here if you do!

message 2: by Penguin Teen (new)

Penguin Teen (penguinteen) | 16 comments Mod
oh, and here is one of our favorites...Nina LaCour made this for her book HOLD STILL:

message 3: by Jessica (new)

Jessica (totalbookaholic) | 6 comments I really love book trailers! It really helps build the anticipation of reading the book, and paint a picture of a story even if I know little about the book.

My really liked the music and look of the NIGHTSHADE trailer. It's nice to have a short trailer that explains the story of the book.

The trailer for HOLD STILL is really great too.

But, my favorite book trailer is for Rules of Attraction.
It was like a movie trailer and seeing the "characters" and hearing the dialog made me rush out immediately and grab the book.

But overall, YES, if I see a new book trailer has been posted I rush to watch it and usually add it to my blog too.

Realteenreviews | 7 comments In a way, I love and hate book trailers. If the trailer follows the book and is more than just a bunch of themed pictures and music then I love it. But sometimes they really annoy me. Like if they add random nonexistant scenes or something. But overall, yeah I think they're pretty addicting.

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