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Logan and Sara sat on a bench in the hallway talking about the new school year.

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Cammie walked up to Logan and Sara. "Hello, Logan and Sara." Cammie smiled at both of them.

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"Hey" Logan said looking up. He smiled at her kindly. Sara laughed then looked up. "How are you doing?"b

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"Fine, Sara. What about you?" Cammie asked Sara. 'Hi Logan."

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"I'm doing great." Sara nodded. Logan nodded.

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Chachi  (fudgebrowne) | 14 comments Jeremy walked with his sister holding her stuff. "You are awesome." he said sarcasticly.

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(Emily deleted her account *cries*) "Cool." Elena told them both a walked off. I guess they didn't wanna talk She thought.

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Chachi  (fudgebrowne) | 14 comments He handed Masiela her stuff and sighed walking into the school not wanting to be bothered.

Masiela sucked her teeth and opened her locker.

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