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Can someone else who read this book make the charrie?

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School (Galapher acaedemy is for girls, blackthourne is for boys.):
Spy heritage: (Mom and dad spys? Only spy in family?):

A little back ground-

there is a school called Galapher Academy for young exceptional women. Its actually a spy school. Where they teach you how to kill a person 7 different ways with a ketchup bottle. How to pick a lock under 10 seconds. And much more. Everyone who isn't going to the school, thinks its for snotty rich girls. But they don't know the truth. For one school year. A couple boys come from Black thourne to see how the girls are taught.

If you already new this. Sorry fro wasting your time.

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Name: Logan
Age: 16
Year: 3
School: Blackthourne, but at Galapher academy for one year
Personality: Mysterious, kind, protective, sly
Apperence: Brown hair, brown eyes, destinctive cheek bones, tall, well built.
Spy inheartance: Dad and mom are spys
Crush: OPEN
Other: Is Saras brother

Name: Sara
AGe: 16
year: 3
School: Galapher academy
Personality: Not afraid of anything, sarcastic, daring, bad tempered. Has a soft side
Apperence: Brown hair, brown eyes, (like brother) Hair flows down back, Distentive cheek bones, tall, slim, Athletic.
Spy inheartance: Dad, and mom are spys
Crush: OPEN
Other: Logans twin

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(you spelled it wrong. Galla...crap, nevermind.)

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Chachi  (fudgebrowne) | 14 comments Name: Jeremy
Age: 14
Year: 3rd
School: Blackthourne
Personality: TBRP'd
Apperence: description
Spy heritage: Mother is a spy
Crush: Sara

Name: Masiela
Age: 15
Year: 2nd
School: Galapher Academy
Personality: TBRP'd
Apperence: [image error]
Spy heritage: Mom and sister

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Name: Cammie
Age: 16
Gender: ƒ
Years: 5
School: G.A.
Personality: Smart, funny, invisible went wants to be
Spy Haeritage: Mother and Father
Crush: Logan
Other: n/a

(Emily, a twin has to be the same age as the other twin)

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