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((So what i have done in the past for this RP is the kids are going to a camp and at the camp they get ingected with animal DNA with out wanting to, they begin to change corresponding with what ever animal- ex- lion dna could give the person a extra loud voice, retractable claws and make them lazy, snake dna gives them poisonous bites, or hieghtened senses.))

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((oh and start!))

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Locé Styx ((does it start with them at camp?))

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((Yeah just getting dropped off))

West watched his step mother drive off down the dirt road to civilization. Letting air pass between his teeth West walked over to hte check in table that sat under a little canopy tent.

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Locé Styx Tandia stepped out of her mom's car.
"Bye sweetie! see you in a few weeks!"
"Yeah, bye mom..."
Tandia walked over to a canopy tent, it was raining, and saw someone was already there. 'good,' she thought, 'im not the first one here :)'

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Scribbling his name down on a clip board West hitched his duffle on his shoulder. Glancing around he saw others were starting to arrive aswell.

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Locé Styx Tandia went to go sign her name.

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Locé Styx ((kids who go to a camp and get injected with animal dna- then they go all animal/human thingy))

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((someone is altered genetically. read the first post for further explanation on this RP))

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((no prob))

"Well this should be fun," West said sourly to the person next to him.

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Locé Styx "Mhmm..." Tandia agreed absentmindedly to the guy in front of her, "Maybe..."

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West rolled his eyes seeing she wasnt really payiing attention to him.

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Locé Styx "Sorry..." she muttered. "I was listening to the birds..."
((she's weird, haha :P))

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West gave her an odd look before edging away from her. This was going to be an odd week.

"Alright listen up!" A councelor shouted. "Boys with me Girls with Linda over there!"

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Locé Styx Tandia sighed. obviously she wasnt going to be making any friends here... she walked over to Linda.

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Reah kept her backpack over her shoulder and walked over to Linda.

West stalked to the guy councelor.

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Locé Styx To some it would seem Tandia was being shy, and looking at her feet, but in reality she was watching intently as a lady bug ate some grass. it was interesting... why did it eat grass? why was grass green?

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