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message 1: by Maggie, Gaea shall smite you all. (new)

Maggie (maggie-swift) | 1674 comments Mod
Here any camper can buy t-shirts, water bottles, souvenirs, and more. Also good practice for kids of Hermes to raid... RP here:

message 2: by Jo (new)

Jo (Penname8) | 4150 comments Fiona ushered to the camp with a Hermes guy following her.

message 3: by Devyn Kelly! (last edited Sep 20, 2010 01:01PM) (new)

Devyn Kelly! | 133 comments Sidney was so happy to see a store at Camp Half Blood. She wondered around, slowly looking at everything there. She looked at t-shirts and necklaces. She waited for someone to talk to her, someone interesting. She kept looking as she waited.

message 4: by ., Goddess of Bacon (new)

. (onawhim) | 17465 comments Mod
((MORE FREAKING DETAIL, YOU GUYS! Is it really so hard to have at least three sentences?!))

message 5: by Devyn Kelly! (last edited Sep 20, 2010 01:01PM) (new)

Devyn Kelly! | 133 comments ((sorry, I edited my post))

message 6: by ., Goddess of Bacon (new)

. (onawhim) | 17465 comments Mod
((Thank you.))

message 7: by Devyn Kelly! (new)

Devyn Kelly! | 133 comments Sidney left in boredom after she purchased the t-shirt.

message 8: by ., Goddess of Bacon (new)

. (onawhim) | 17465 comments Mod
Devyn wrote: "Sidney left in boredom after she purchased the t-shirt."

((If so, ask someone to role-play with you...))

message 9: by Devyn Kelly! (new)

Devyn Kelly! | 133 comments ((Yeah, but only one of my friends is on this site and I don't really know anyone else...))

message 10: by [deleted user] (new)

Jade walked into the camp store and quietly snuck behind the counter. So far no one saw her. She looked around to see if there was anything good stealing.

message 11: by [deleted user] (new)

A sleeping bag and a water bottle catched Jade's eyes. Sneaky and fast Jade dashed, grabbed the sleeping bag and bottle and ran to her cabin.

message 12: by Jo (new)

Jo (Penname8) | 4150 comments Michelle was picking the camp store lock to get inside and steal a sweater she really needed, bt she was broke.

*~Silvypoo~* (Chaser of Artemis) (Silverfur) | 14363 comments ((*caught))
Joe was gazing around the store, looking for some toothpaste that wouldn't taste like shit. The last tube of toothpaste he had purchased had made him gag. He'd given it to Jess so now he was looking for a better flavor.

message 14: by Jo (new)

Jo (Penname8) | 4150 comments Michelle inmediately heard someone coming, and desperately tried to act natural covering the lock, but her desperate face gave her away.

*~Silvypoo~* (Chaser of Artemis) (Silverfur) | 14363 comments Joe saw a girl with a desperate look on her face. He smirked at her, "what's up with you? Did you drop your tube of lipstick through the floorboards?" He asked sarcasticly, smirking again.

message 16: by Jo (new)

Jo (Penname8) | 4150 comments Michelle's eyes narrowed at the smirking boy. "None of your business, whoever-you-are." She whirled and accidentally revealed the open lock.

message 17: by *~Silvypoo~* (Chaser of Artemis) (last edited Dec 06, 2010 10:24AM) (new)

*~Silvypoo~* (Chaser of Artemis) (Silverfur) | 14363 comments "Well, first of all my name is Joe. Second, if you tell me what your problem is, I bet I can open that lock." He unsheathed his Kandjal with a grin.

message 18: by Jo (new)

Jo (Penname8) | 4150 comments Michelle's eyes widened. "You won't...rat on me?" she asked. The first guy who hadn't called Chiron to pick on her.

*~Silvypoo~* (Chaser of Artemis) (Silverfur) | 14363 comments "I really don't give a damn if you steal anything. It's not like I haven't done it before," he snorted, and grinned. "Now, let me see that lock."

message 20: by Jo (new)

Jo (Penname8) | 4150 comments She smiled and let him pass as she asked, "What if I don't give a shit if you steal something?" mockingly taunting.

*~Silvypoo~* (Chaser of Artemis) (Silverfur) | 14363 comments "Then neither of us give a shit!" He announced quietly as he started to pick at the lock with his blade. When it didn't work, his patient ran out. Taken the blade, he wacked the lock with as much strength as he coukd muster. The lock broke, and he grinned after calling the lock a 'bastard.'

message 22: by Jo (new)

Jo (Penname8) | 4150 comments "Wow." She laughed a little and picked a sweater from the pile. "THank you" she said, and whirled out of there. A little notebook the size of a Post-it pile fell out of her pocket.

((read it!))

*~Silvypoo~* (Chaser of Artemis) (Silverfur) | 14363 comments ((what does it say?))
Joe looked at the little notebook, and bent down to pick it up. "Hey..." but she was already gone. Shrugging, he picked it up, and flipped through the pages.

message 24: by Jo (new)

Jo (Penname8) | 4150 comments ((good quotes insulting love.))

*~Silvypoo~* (Chaser of Artemis) (Silverfur) | 14363 comments ((:D where are they? Her diary entries?))
Joe snorted at the interesting comments in this... Diary? He figured that it had to be a diary. He glanced up at the shelf that held bathing supplies. He glanced at several bottles of toothpaste, then made a face, returning to the diary.

message 26: by [deleted user] (new)

Andrea entered the Camp Store, looking for something new. She looked at some t-shirts. "What is that?" she asked Joe. She tried to snatch it but missed.

*~Silvypoo~* (Chaser of Artemis) (Silverfur) | 14363 comments Joeseph lifted the diary out of her reach. "Nonya," he replied, smirking down at her.
((ugh. This is what Nelson used on me when I asked about his tatoo. *rolls eyes*))

message 28: by Jo (new)

Jo (Penname8) | 4150 comments ((character diearies!))

message 30: by [deleted user] (last edited Dec 09, 2010 12:54PM) (new)

"Whose is that?" Andrea asks, irritated. She hated when people teased her- and knew something she did not. Andrea atempted to reach for it again, snatching it from him and tried to read it.

*~Silvypoo~* (Chaser of Artemis) (Silverfur) | 14363 comments Easily, Joe had her in a head-lock. His grip wasn't tight, but that coukd change as quickly as a king cobra could strike someone and bite them. "Hand it over," he growled at her. This was his responsibility until he could find the girl and return it. And there was no way in the underworld that he was going to let this obnoxious girl take the diary and red it.

message 32: by [deleted user] (new)

"Fine," she choked. She handed it to him. She never understood why Ares children took everything so seriously. I don't what their problem is, she thought.

*~Silvypoo~* (Chaser of Artemis) (Silverfur) | 14363 comments Joe smirked, and flipped through the pages again. He studied some cinnamon toothpaste before opening it and squeezing some on his finger. Sniffing the red gel, he turned to tge girl that was testing his patience. "Taste it," he said, moving the finger toward her mouth.

message 34: by [deleted user] (last edited Dec 10, 2010 05:27AM) (new)

Andrea studied him. Cinnamon toothpaste? she thought. I'll pass. She guessed it probably was some sort of trick. She cleared her throat. "If I say I would not like to taste it, will you force it down my throat?" She studied him, waiting for an answer.

message 35: by [deleted user] (new)

[Is Joe demanding she taste it? Andrea does not particularly like to be forced to do something. I suppose if it would amuse him, she would do it even though he is not necessarily her favorite camper. Strange. Andrea always thinks everyone is her friend. Well, I suppose Joe is definately not her friend.]

*~Silvypoo~* (Chaser of Artemis) (Silverfur) | 14363 comments ((he's like that))
"Possibly," he said, shrugging. He didn't want to end up with crappy toothpaste again. He didn't want to taste crappy tasting toothpaste either.

message 37: by [deleted user] (new)

She stared at the paste, reluctantly. After a minute, she tasted it. She thought for a moment. She did not like it when people forced her to do things, but if he forced her it would not be worth it to refuse.

message 38: by [deleted user] (new)

"Why did you want me to taste it?" Andrea asks, not bothering to say what she thinks of it.

[Joe is making it hard to stay with her personality. Some friend he is. Well, unless he wants to be her friend.]

message 39: by [deleted user] (new)

[What do you think? Is she too obnoxious? She can be less so.]

*~Silvypoo~* (Chaser of Artemis) (Silverfur) | 14363 comments ((hahaha. Joe isn't exactly friendly anyway))
"Because I don't want to end up with shit in my mouth. How does it taste?" He asked her, not really paying attention to her. His eyes drifted to the shattered lock, and he smirked, hus hand touching his Russian sword. It always did the job for him.

message 41: by [deleted user] (new)

"It tasted fine," Andrea said. She waited for him to let go of her. "Can I go?" She pouted, impatiently. The cinnamon toothpaste was not the best. She hated cinnamon.

*~Silvypoo~* (Chaser of Artemis) (Silverfur) | 14363 comments Joe snorted at her pout that had no affect on him whatsoever. "Yeah, sure. Just don't let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya," he said, rolling his eyes. That was his mother's favorite thong to say, especially after she was high. He pushed the girl toward the door, and examined the bottle of toothpaste in his hand.

message 43: by Jo (new)

Jo (Penname8) | 4150 comments Michelle wandered in the camp store, looking for the diary. If the Ares boy read my notes in Much Ado About Nothing, he's dead!, she thought wildly.

*~Silvypoo~* (Chaser of Artemis) (Silverfur) | 14363 comments Joe was smelling the bottle of toothpaste when he saw Michelle. Oh, shit. He gently touched the diary that was in his back pocket.

message 45: by Jo (new)

Jo (Penname8) | 4150 comments Michelle inmediately saw the boy. She looked over at him like he was a criminal with various guns in his pockets. She spotted the lump in the back pocket and gasped.

*~Silvypoo~* (Chaser of Artemis) (Silverfur) | 14363 comments Joe walked toward her with a smirk on his face. "Hey," he said, stuffing his hand in his pockets and ignoring her accusing stares. "Taste this for me?" He handed over the tube of toothpaste.

message 47: by Jo (new)

Jo (Penname8) | 4150 comments "Fine" she replied with a smirk, and for one moment, drenched the whole tube on him. Using the moment, she snatched the book form the pocket. "Nice meeting ya!" she shrieked as she ran out.

*~Silvypoo~* (Chaser of Artemis) (Silverfur) | 14363 comments "Damnit!" He yelled, and he ran after her, drenching in red gel. "Get back here!"

message 49: by Jo (new)

Jo (Penname8) | 4150 comments She sprinted to the javelin range, hoping to lose him on the way. She was fast.

*~Silvypoo~* (Chaser of Artemis) (Silverfur) | 14363 comments ((pouyf?))Joe ran after her, and prepared to pounce on her when she could. She was fast, but he was strong.

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