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L (Sniffly Kitty) | 2 comments Some books are known to be forthcoming especially in series, but the author hasn't finished writing the book. Amazon will sometimes still post a publication date despite one not being announced by the publisher. Is there a policy on putting notes in the description to say that the publication date is merely Amazon speculation rather than any actual date given by the publisher?

message 2: by rivka, Librarian Moderator (new)

rivka | 41701 comments Mod
There's no policy, per se, but I see no problem offhand with doing so.

L (Sniffly Kitty) | 2 comments Thanks~~

message 4: by Hirondelle (new)

Hirondelle | 13 comments I had precisely the same question and if nobody sees a problem I will go ahead and do it for a few books which I know are being written but not listed anywhere yet

There are some authors whose forthcoming books I really would love to read, and I try to keep a list of reliable information on those titles on my computer so I do not forget closer to publication. Putting that on goodreads might be useful to others as well, as a good way to keep track. One disadvantage I can see is that some editing of librarian data would need to be done in the future as ISBN and other data are known. And of course the data has to be very reliable.

If this is going to be counterproductive or against any policy please do let me know.

message 5: by Sandra (new)

Sandra | 22754 comments Hirondelle, this is what currently happens now. If you look at the delete thread, we often post that placeholders can be deleted. They have been put on too many shelves and need Super Librarians to get rid of them.

The system works well, people don't forget about books they want and the Supers get to 'fight' over who gets to remove them first. LOL.

message 6: by Hirondelle (new)

Hirondelle | 13 comments Ok, thank you for the reassurance! somehow the books I want most are the ones I can not get yet, or not even written yet.

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