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Characters you stole from books and whatnot.

Time Period:

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Elliott | 1895 comments Mod
Name: Nora Rose Rowley
Book: The Report Card
Age: In the book she's in middle school, but she's going to be 15 for this RP.
Gender: Female
Appearance: Short strawberry blonde hair, I think green eyes
World: Earth
Time Period: Now
Personality: She's a super genius, but she covers it up by acting normal.
Other: Nothing.

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Name: Antimony Carver
Book: Gunnerkrigg Court
Age: 13
Gender: Female
World: Earth
Time Period: Now
Personality: Antimony "Annie" Carver is a student at Gunnerkrigg Court, where she has a multitude of fantastic, mysterious and otherwise strange experiences. A resourceful and intelligent girl, Antimony is generally very calm and collected, unlike other children her age, as well as showing bravery and kindness. Right now though, she's on holiday.
Other: Her mother, Surma, died in Good Hope hospital when Antimony was ten. Her father was a surgeon there. Whilst at the hospital, Antimony met spirits and Psychopomps. It was her mothers' wish that she continue her education as Gunnerkrigg Court. She spent a year there, in which she met a fox-demon named Reynardine. Reynardine tried to take her body, but got stuck inside her toy wolf. Now he is under her command, and he can't even inherit a new body without her permission. She also met a coyote named Coyote, who is also a god. He is Reynardine's cousin, and gave him the power to inherit new bodies, but with one flaw. The bodies would die after he left them. Reynardine cannot possess Coyote against his will. This may also be true of other gods. In wolf form - in toy form -

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