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L (audinosbiitch) Dornate rushed inside, slamming the door behind her. She unwrapped the shawl from her head, letting her brown hair down. She peered out the window, looking. The square was empty, everyone inside. Tomorrow was the reaping. Why not go to bed early?
Dornate sighed, turning away and spying her sister, dressed in a nightgown, looking at her in the doorway. "You!" Dornate cried. "You should be in bed. Go on!" She ushered her sister to bed, before sitting on the couch and removing her coat, draping it over the side.

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L (audinosbiitch) Dornate sighed. Her sister's round, soft, pretty face peered around teh doorway again. "Bed!" Dornate said, standing and pointing to her room. The girl's blond hair swished as she scurried back to bed.

Alina yawned. She was standing outside her house, staring out at the emptying square. The last little boy, his older sister, or even mother, gripping his hand tightly as they hurried inside. Everyone always went to bed early. But why? You aren't getting any sleep, so why not enjoy the night?

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