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L (audinosbiitch) Gwen felt the side of her face, feeling the heat and sting of where her father had slapped her. "Now you listen to me, Gwen Silkston Corath," His voice was harsh as he spoke to her. Gwen looked up at him, her face expressionless, her eyes tearless. His eyes were cold, and full of hatred. "Never again will you do something like that. Embarrass the whole family, in front of the entire district!" Her father shook his head. He turned, leaving the attic room Gwen had made her bedroom. Gwen turned away, looking out at the quickly darkening sky. She understood what she'd done, but that was not the first time her father had struck her. She felt the bruise on her rib, where her father had hit her last week. She rolled up her shirt, looking at the purpleish-blueish-black mark. She let her shirt down, walking over to the mat that was her bed. Two blankets were laid haphazardly at the end of her bed.

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