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Gabriele Wills (muskoka) | 526 comments Mod
I've just watched a fascinating documentary online called "Nazi King". It's about King Edward VIII/Duke of Windsor and Wallis Simpson/Duchess of Windsor, and their pro-Nazi sentiments, which made them very dangerous before and during WWII. This doc can be viewed for only 7 days online on Canada's CBC network - - so be sure to see it this week if you're interested. Most of it covers the period before the war.

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You returned the favour! Unavailable outside of Canada. :P

I've heard about his Nazi, fascist ways and it is said that it was that, rather than his relationship with Wallis Simpson, which was the reason for his abdication.

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Gabriele Wills (muskoka) | 526 comments Mod

Yes, and also that Wallis, strongly pro-Nazi, had had an affair with von Ribbentrop when he was Ambassador to Britain, and remained close to him, so the British gov't sure didn't want her as Edward's sidekick. Apparently it would have been disastrous if Edward hadn't abdicated.

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Gabriele Wills (muskoka) | 526 comments Mod
For those of you in the UK, I'm reposting Lauren's post from This and That, in case you missed it.

Hi, for anyone who's interested, I thought I'd supply this link because it's completely relevant to the group:

'We are among the ruins', wrote DH Lawrence describing the decade after the First World War. The inter-war years generated self-doubt and ideological crisis as Britain contemplated the devastation of war and the demise of empire which would transform the British novel.

Some of the greatest, most innovative works of modern British fiction were written during this period and they have retained their power over the fate and fortune of the novel ever since.

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DJ  (djdivaofjava) | 269 comments I'm so gold to be back here after our summer hiatus :-)

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