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message 1: by Locé (new)

Locé Styx there's 2 other then me but i need more cuz people have stopped commenting for a bit now..

message 2: by [deleted user] (new)

i can be one if you want

message 3: by Locé (new)

Locé Styx okay!! thanks :)

message 4: by Locé (new)

Locé Styx thats too bad :( do you like cheese?

message 5: by Laurena (new)

Laurena | 44 comments I don't!

message 6: by Locé (new)

Locé Styx really? well im not that much of a fan anymore... but if you asked me in grade 7/8, i wouldve killed you.

message 7: by Andy (new)

Andy why???

message 8: by Locé (new)

Locé Styx because if you knew me then you would have understood why me and kendra are friends... i was very much like her then... if not worse... but anyway our catch phrase was do you like cheese? we'd make surveys and get all the little people to sign it... so yeeeah... then in grade nine- poof! for some non-apparent reason i was just like i was in grade 6

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