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Noelle Knight | 44 comments Mod
Please post your reaction to this weeks reading here. Be sure to link your book/author by following the link above.

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Agustin Olvera (AGUSTINOLVERA) | 10 comments Started the 3rd book eclipse of the Twilight series. My reaction to the first 34 pages leaves me some curiosity on some of the details of previous books. I can see though why many people frenzy about this series. The quality of the emotional value the author (Stephenie Meyer)implies is outstanding. All of the actions wether complex or simple have some emotional value to it such that it makes one relate to some of the common feelings and actions since many of these are commonly found in what we call love. Im not crazed about the book as of right now because someone like me analyzes way too in depth in literal meaning not implied so I will have to read on beyond 34 pages to see if i relate enough to manifest the so called Twilight craze.Stephenie Meyer Eclipse

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