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message 1: by Unapologetic_Bookaholic, Co-Lead (new)

Unapologetic_Bookaholic | 902 comments Mod
Just curious as to which you have or would buy to replace and older model. Do you have a brand pref.? Does price matter or do you go with specs.?

message 2: by Dee (new)

Dee (austhokie) I have a toshiba laptop and a dell my laptop...i've had it for three years now and its still going good! i tend to buy by brand

message 3: by Kelley (new)

Kelley (shewolf0316) I have a Dell laptop and that's all I have. I went with a laptop when I bought my first computer after moving out of my parents' home because work requires me to travel and I like to be able to play at night. LOL I've also only ever had Dell laptops (I'm on my second one now and thinking in the next couple years I may need to upgrade) as I know and trust them. Dell seems to be slightly more expensive than other companies, but I know Dells are very good computers (that's also all my parents have ever used and they love them too, hence probably part of why I love them) so I am willing to spend a little more for better quality

message 4: by Unapologetic_Bookaholic, Co-Lead (new)

Unapologetic_Bookaholic | 902 comments Mod
TY Dee and Kelley. I was asking just to see what others are buying/liking =D. I will prob. end up getting a laptop too. Price wise looking at something with a bigger screen than my 10in Acer and will be portable if need be but mostly be a stay at home computer.

message 5: by Lisa O. (new)

Lisa O. | 77 comments I have a Mac laptop and I love it. It's great to have something portable even around the house. I can browse while watching tv, or listen to music in any room, look up recipes in the kitchen. I don't think I'll ever go back to a regular computer. I'll probably upgrade in the next year to a newer Mac.

Lori {Romancing the Dark Side} (romancingthedarkside) I also have a Mac laptop and wouldn't know what to do without it! I'd only replace it with a newer model. It's lightweight and never given me any kinds of problems. Love that I can put it in my laptop bag and carry it around with me whenever I need to. In my opinion, unless you have an office in your home, a laptop is the way to go!

ஐ Briansgirl (Book Queen)ஐ (briansgirlkate) My computers aren't exactly by choice. As my parents upgrade desktop pc's, I get their hand-me-down's. It's the only way my pc gets upgraded, so I take what I can get. Would love a laptop for portability but would still use a desktop for alot.

message 8: by ♥Tricia♥, Group Lead (new)

♥Tricia♥ (siddie) | 1167 comments Mod
I also have a Toshiba laptop and one of the new Dell i7 intell desktops. I love them both :)

message 9: by Unapologetic_Bookaholic, Co-Lead (new)

Unapologetic_Bookaholic | 902 comments Mod
My ACER just totally just cut out. I just said enough. After one total reset in the year two WHOLE years I had it lol I was ready for an upgrade. I'm glad I was able to convince my family to pitch in and help me buy my iPad. It's more really cool to use than anything.

message 10: by Literary Ames (new)

Literary Ames (amyorames) | 22 comments I've had better luck with my Acer laptop. I've had it 4 years and it's still going strong. I love it. She even has a name. I call her "Gem".

message 11: by Dee (new)

Dee (austhokie) my toshiba is still working, but its starting to slow down (even though its been defragged) and random keys stop I have a feeling a new computer will be on the list for when the tax return comes in

message 12: by Unapologetic_Bookaholic, Co-Lead (new)

Unapologetic_Bookaholic | 902 comments Mod
My best and longest lasting computer was my gateway desktop. Seven years! I dropped my ACER on my hardwood floor twice. So i think it could have messed up something internally. I'm a klutz, lol.

message 13: by Literary Ames (new)

Literary Ames (amyorames) | 22 comments Mine is a bit slower to start up now but once she gets going she does okay. I think she's become middle aged. LOL.

message 14: by Unapologetic_Bookaholic, Co-Lead (new)

Unapologetic_Bookaholic | 902 comments Mod
Gem haha I like that. I should call my iPad in meet wow. Bc it's constantly impressing me. The apps alone I love. I have never owned anything by apple and it's so easy to use the iPad, I love the off /on switch. No really, lol. You don't have to wait for it tp warm up or save your work. You can make it sleep and wake in a second.

message 15: by Dee (new)

Dee (austhokie) i'm really considering an Ipad, but the new laptop is needed since I can't use any of my grad school programs on an ipad - stats analysis and stuff like that...

Lori {Romancing the Dark Side} (romancingthedarkside) I have a Mac laptop and love it! I think I would only upgrade to a newer version but I don't think I could switch to something else, my niece has a beautiful Dell laptop that I like but I'd still choose my Mac over it!

message 17: by Unapologetic_Bookaholic, Co-Lead (last edited Jan 09, 2011 08:01PM) (new)

Unapologetic_Bookaholic | 902 comments Mod
Dee I would only recommend the iPad As a 'toy' and not a dedicated work space. It's a fun gadget but like u say it's not built to support a lot of programs. It runs apps and it might have the one ur referring to. I can check the app store for u! Lol...

Edit: there is one called stats mate about statistical calc and value

message 18: by Dee (new)

Dee (austhokie) nah...i have to use SPSS for stats..its like a 600 dollar! but it would be good for the basic i'm a techno geek...

message 19: by Irene (new)

Irene Hollimon | 15 comments I have a toshiba laptop. It acts just like a desktop. I really don't move it around much. Occasionally, I'll take it on a trip or whatever but it pretty much stays on my desk. I like the portability even if I don't use it that much.
Ever since, laptops have become just as powerful as desktops, I've used a laptop.

message 20: by Unapologetic_Bookaholic, Co-Lead (new)

Unapologetic_Bookaholic | 902 comments Mod
@Dee ohhh ok! Gotcha ;)

message 21: by ♥Tricia♥, Group Lead (new)

♥Tricia♥ (siddie) | 1167 comments Mod
The ipad is way too pricy for me to even think about getting one.

I have a laptop and a desktop computer. I use them both for various things. I prefer the desktop computer because its much more comfortable as far as typing goes.

message 22: by Irene (new)

Irene Hollimon | 15 comments I'm not an apple product user in general but... that ipad almost changed my mind.

message 23: by Dee (new)

Dee (austhokie) I have a desktop...but I don't have any word processing programs on! I should probably do that...but I really like my laptop because then I can sit in front of the TV and do schoolwork if I so desire

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