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Name: Nadarra (blankity blank blank...)
Age: I need some help on this. Talia and Nadarra have been bonded since birth, but Nadarra has the mindset of a somewhat older dragon... Maybe he's a younger dragon but has the mindset of an older dragon... Heck, maybe it's a lot like Eragon in the sense that a dragon won't hatch until his rider finds him... I just need to figure it out.
Appearence: This is mostly what I need help with. He's a dragon, but I'm at a loss as to what color her should be... I was thinking a combination of black and purple, blue, or green... but I don't know... You might get some ideas by reading what I have posted so far. http://www.goodreads.com/story/show/2...
Things you know about the character so far: He's very protective of Talia, his rider, and is very caring. While he'll fight if it will protect his friends, he's not a very violent character. He has feelings for another dragon, but is keeping this information from Talia because he himself is confused about it. He is very wise for a young dragon and
Things you know about the character's past: Nothing...
Where you think the character will end up: If I told you, I'd give away the ending of the story. :)
What you want help with: Just the things listed above, really...

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Please help!!

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PLEASE help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Mitch (i-am-not-real) | 425 comments I think he should be a combo of black and blue.
I'm getting the vibe that he has a very gentle side?

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Ack!! Help!! Yes!! VICTORY!!!! Haha, thank you!! And yes, he does have a very gentle side.

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Mitch (i-am-not-real) | 425 comments Well, good. Because that's what I thought.

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:) So black and blue... that gives me an idea!! Thank you!!

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Mitch (i-am-not-real) | 425 comments You're welcome!

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I'm having a brain cramp.

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