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*start after charries*

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Elysse (readyforthemorgue) Eli closed his locker and rushed to homeroom.

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Tally grabbed her binder and a pencil and headed to homewroom.

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Elysse (readyforthemorgue) Eli ran in and sat breathless.

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Courtney sat down towards the back she was late like the boy besdie her.

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Courtney pulled a book out and set it on her desk. She then set her head down and felll asleep after resting the book up so it looked like she was reading it.

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Courtney woke up to the teachers dull voice. She rubbed her eyes, ruining her make up. She reached into her boot and pulled out a mini mirror and a box of make up, she quickly put it on then put it away. She glanced at the boy next to her. he was kind of cute. She thought

MCR Lover!!!!!!!!!!! (narutosno1fan) | 44 comments penny was sitting in the back row,drawing on her desk with sharpie

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Tally took out her book and read so she wouldn't have to listen to this periods session. "E=MC2" She answered

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(thank you Abigail)
Tally looked back as well.

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Seeing that the teacher had finsihed, she stood up and gathered her books.

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Courtney wwalked out of the room and went to her locker. Maybe i'll "get sick" next hour she thought.

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s-hastings (spencercavanaugh) | 31 comments Logan opened the door of her new high school, sighing as she took in the crowd: same as her previous school. And the one before that and the one before that. What was her father going to let them stay grounded in one place?
She sighed and went into the school and found her locker.

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Courtney put her books in and looked around. Hmmm she didn't know the girl to her right, but the boy from homeroom was to her left. cool she thought. "Hi i'm courtney." she said to the boy, After clearing her throat.

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s-hastings (spencercavanaugh) | 31 comments Logan looked at the girl speaking to the boy.

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Courtney pulled her hair over her shoulder as she talked to the boy.

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Tally went to her locker put her homeroom binder in her locker and gathered her 2nd period stuff. She closed her locker and when it locked by itself she left for second period.

MCR Lover!!!!!!!!!!! (narutosno1fan) | 44 comments penny grabbed her books from her locker and slammed it shut

MCR Lover!!!!!!!!!!! (narutosno1fan) | 44 comments penny grabbed her phone and texted quickly. she glanced around. than put her phone in her pocket

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Courney nodded. "New here? I am. Got kicked out of my old school."

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"My best friend, set the whole thing up, then put me, right where it looked like i did it." Courney sighed. "They believed her not me when i told them that i had nothing to do with it."

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Tally was walking to her fourth period class accidently, Whoops, wrong class period. Tally told herself in her head. She went straight to second.

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Elysse (readyforthemorgue) Eli got up and ran to the gym.

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She had Spanish for second and headed straight there.

MCR Lover!!!!!!!!!!! (narutosno1fan) | 44 comments penny headed for her spanish class

MCR Lover!!!!!!!!!!! (narutosno1fan) | 44 comments she entered her spanish class and sat down

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s-hastings (spencercavanaugh) | 31 comments Logan found her seat in Spanish class and sat down.

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Elysse (readyforthemorgue) Eli sighed and wished he was in Spanish. He ran laps around the gym.

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Coutney giggled slighly. "Yeah, definatly not. what about you? Why did you move?"

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Tally found a seat in the back and sat there alone.

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Elysse (readyforthemorgue) Eli finished the laps and huffed. He almost felt sick. He shook it off and lined up to pick teams.

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When class started, she notice how everyone when not near her again.

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Elysse (readyforthemorgue) He jogged onto his team's side and got ready to play some serious dodgeball.

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Tally spoke alot of spanish.

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Elysse (readyforthemorgue) Eli threw balls and got a lot of people out.

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Tallys' first language was spanish then english but she knew english more.

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Jake yawned, revealing perfect white teeth.

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Tally spoke when she raised her hand. "Hola Gente, Yo como pastel." She smiled

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s-hastings (spencercavanaugh) | 31 comments Logan opened her notebook and began to doodle.

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"Mue Bêen." (I think you spell it like that)

MCR Lover!!!!!!!!!!! (narutosno1fan) | 44 comments penny sighed and started drawing on her arm. she drew a good picture of a guy

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Jake went over from behind and looked at it. "Nice picture," he compelmented.

MCR Lover!!!!!!!!!!! (narutosno1fan) | 44 comments penny looked up at him"its just a doodle"she said pulling her sleeve down

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"I'm not so sure," Josh replied, walking beside her. "Look at the detai and the shading! Its impcable."

MCR Lover!!!!!!!!!!! (narutosno1fan) | 44 comments she smiled"i draw when im bored"

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"I see. Well then, you must be bored alot to have gotten so good."

MCR Lover!!!!!!!!!!! (narutosno1fan) | 44 comments she laughed quietly"i took lessons from my mom when i was little"

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"Is she an artist?" Josh asked, pulling a chair beside her and sitting down.

MCR Lover!!!!!!!!!!! (narutosno1fan) | 44 comments penny shrugged"she used to be shes retired now"

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Josh nodded. "What kind of artist? Did she sketch, draw, paint etc."

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