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*start after charries*

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Zack waited outside the dance building. He realy needed a partner.

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Jalex (DesteryMooresmysecretlover) | 94 comments Mod
Rose went to the dance studio, seeing a guy

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Zack glanced up at Rose passing.

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Jalex (DesteryMooresmysecretlover) | 94 comments Mod
Rose setted her bag down and rolled her shoulders and necks in a circlar motion, some crack noises came from her doing that and she smirked slightly

MCR Lover!!!!!!!!!!! (narutosno1fan) | 44 comments penny entered the dance building

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Zack followed, he sat down and stregthed his legs.

MCR Lover!!!!!!!!!!! (narutosno1fan) | 44 comments penny sat and did some streches

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Zack nodded in Pennys direction

MCR Lover!!!!!!!!!!! (narutosno1fan) | 44 comments penny noticed zack and smiled. she stood up and popped her shoulders and walked over to him"hi"

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"Hi," Zack replied as he pulled off his Shoes.

MCR Lover!!!!!!!!!!! (narutosno1fan) | 44 comments "so what kind of dance do you do?"penny asked

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"Ballroom." Zack replied.

MCR Lover!!!!!!!!!!! (narutosno1fan) | 44 comments penny nodded"i do tango"

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"Cool. " Zack stood up as he glanced around. THe teacher walked in. "Partner up, you two are together." She said pointing to Penny and Zack.

MCR Lover!!!!!!!!!!! (narutosno1fan) | 44 comments penny nodded"ok than"

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Zack turned to Penny, "What are we going to dance to? Tango or Walt?"

MCR Lover!!!!!!!!!!! (narutosno1fan) | 44 comments "i dont really care because ive done both"

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"Up to you." Zack pointed out.

MCR Lover!!!!!!!!!!! (narutosno1fan) | 44 comments "ill do walt because your familiar with it"she said smiling.

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"Ok." Zack said holding out his hand.

MCR Lover!!!!!!!!!!! (narutosno1fan) | 44 comments she took it

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Zack moved closer to her and put his hand on her waist.

MCR Lover!!!!!!!!!!! (narutosno1fan) | 44 comments penny blushed but it went away.

MCR Lover!!!!!!!!!!! (narutosno1fan) | 44 comments ((wait does she put her hand on his shoulder?))

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Zack smiled as his hand grasped hers. "ready?" He asked her.

MCR Lover!!!!!!!!!!! (narutosno1fan) | 44 comments penny nodded

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The music started and Zack moved to it. "Closer!" Yelled there dance teacher. Zack took a step closer.

MCR Lover!!!!!!!!!!! (narutosno1fan) | 44 comments penny followed him

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They danced until there feet were tired.

((gtg sorry.))

MCR Lover!!!!!!!!!!! (narutosno1fan) | 44 comments ((bye)"whoa how long have we been dancing"penny asked exhausted

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"I don't know." zack anwsered

((last post))

MCR Lover!!!!!!!!!!! (narutosno1fan) | 44 comments ((kk bye))
penny laughed

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Elana walked in late.
"I'm so sorry i'm late today." Elana told the Cance Teacher.

HungerGamesAddict (ach45) Stella walked in class " I'm late "

" Thats okay Stella your usually early anyways " siled the teacher

Stella smiled and started warming up

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Elena saw Stella and walked towards her. "Hello, don't worry, I was late to to." Elena said with a smile.

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Zack turned towards the new dancers, he waved to them from his spot on the floor where he was resting.

HungerGamesAddict (ach45) Stella waved at Zack

message 39: by [deleted user] (new)

Zack nodded and stood up. "Ready for the next dance?" he asked the teacher. The teacher turned from the girls to him. "ITs alright your late today but no other day will you be late. Agreed? And Yes we shall begin."

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Elana walked to the Dance teacher and gave her an idea for a dance. "What about we do free stlye instead of a waltz, tango, or other dance. We could just create our own?" Elana told the dance teacher.
"Thats fine I guess, just no pole dancing." The teacher said.

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Zack smiled at the idea.

MCR Lover!!!!!!!!!!! (narutosno1fan) | 44 comments penny stood up"lets do it"

MCR Lover!!!!!!!!!!! (narutosno1fan) | 44 comments penny smiled"can we do the can can?"she asked

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"Its free stlye, Penny." Elana told her.
"Yes, you can do the can can." The Dance Teacher told her.

HungerGamesAddict (ach45) Stella slipped on her ballet flats and started a free-style Ballet

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Zack grinned mysteviously. He started break dancing on the ground in the cornor.

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Elana started luaghing and did her dance.

MCR Lover!!!!!!!!!!! (narutosno1fan) | 44 comments penny watched zack with interest"wow your kinda good"

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Elena was quiet

MCR Lover!!!!!!!!!!! (narutosno1fan) | 44 comments penny smiled

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