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Shadowbridge (Shadowbridge, #1)
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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Fantasy shadow puppet girl [s]

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Cait (thundacat) | 1 comments i have asked my friends and they think i imagined the whole thing so i hope someone can prove them wrong.

The book essentially about a girl who finds her fathers shadow puppets and sets off to follow in his footsteps with the help of her mentor , who knew her parents. She lives on an island with her uncle and his wife and they are about to marry her off to some old guy.... she flees to the 'world above' essentially on this world there are bridges over water which connect the cities. She dresses as a boy to perform and collects stories from peopl she meets along the way.

i think there is something at the begining which is a creation type story of how the world came about, a fisherman lived with his wife along on a small platform/island they were the only people in exsistence, they simply were and one day the fisherman caught a special fish which made a deal with him that if it let him go then bridges would appearand the world would grow....

Also there is a small part of the stpry to do with a coral man creature which was dredged up by the people on the island that the girl is from, it is really heavy but once the water completely drains it is as light as a feather, the charecter isnt yet completely explained but the girl keeps him hidden secretly in the false bottom of her puppet trunk...

There is a sequel i think because i remember looking it up when i read the book.... i think the book was out 2007 or 2008

please help me prove i havent imagined the whole thing...

Rachel Lee (rlcwt9) | 18 comments I think this is Shadowbridge.

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