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message 1: by Deb (new)

Deb Rainey | 1 comments Hi, newbie here, so I hope I've chosen the right section.

I don't know about you, but I have books that started that I liked, but can't remember the title or author. I'd like to find them to re-read and to see if there's any more by the same author or a series.

The first one takes place in an alternate universe where raccoons developed as the dominant species. The hero finds himself there- He's human and the raccoons call him the bald ape. There's also something about the architect of dreams or sleep--can anybody help me out?

message 2: by Jael ~ *~ Syhren ~* ~, The Restorer (new)

Jael ~ *~ Syhren ~* ~ (wwwgoodreadscomprofilejael) | 1227 comments Mod
Hi Deb I moved this to the General Discussion folder. I have no idea of the book you seek but maybe another member will be able to help you.

message 3: by Ann aka Iftcan (new)

Ann aka Iftcan (iftcan) Deb--I don't recognize it either. However, do not give up hope.

GO here http://www.goodreads.com/group/show/1... and join the group, then enter what you remember about the book and cross your fingers. That group is devoted to nothing BUT helping others to locate titles of loved books with titles that have gone MIA in the brain of the poster. (Yeah, I have more than a few entries there myself.)

message 4: by Steph (new)

Steph (angel4492) There's also a site on the web set up to help find titles: http://www.whatsthatbook.com/. Good luck! :)

message 5: by RockStar PH (new)

RockStar PH (wildbee) I read a trilogy years ago that deals with two kids that can change into animals. They were called Changlings and I always thought the title had something to do with that, but I have had no luck thus far. Any thought?

message 6: by Ann aka Iftcan (new)

Ann aka Iftcan (iftcan) Bee--there is an entire group set up for this. Its called What's the Name of that Book. Go there, post what you remember and if you are lucky, someone will know what the books are right away. If you aren't lucky--well, I have a book on it that I bump up periodically that I've been trying to get lucky on for over a year.

message 7: by Jmsmnz (new)

Jmsmnz | 1 comments I am trying to remember the title of what I would call a light paranormal mystery/romance about a southern girl, (Savannah, maybe?) who can see ghosts, a trait she inherited from her mother.
Last read book- teenager comes to live with her father after her mother died - by communicating with the ghost the protagonist helps to find song lyrics she wrote before she died? Help!

message 8: by Stephanie (new)

Stephanie Russell | 1 comments years ago I have read and it was a paranormal book. it had the word moon in it... but I forget the whole title.
a girl looking for her sister, it was a mansion with guards and then a guy changed into a wolf and helped her. that's all I know... I want to find it and read it :)

message 9: by hugsandcookies (new)

hugsandcookies | 1 comments Hi there

I'm trying to find the name to this book but cannot remember it. I've recently read it some time this year.

All I can remember is that its a romance book.

The characters is like an alpha male (not paranormal) but not too alpha. He has a teenage daughter or niece. Then the lady who is his love interest might be a cop or not but she lives or either visits her dad.

All I can remember is the ending where she was supposed to take the girl home or somewhere but the teen. Instead they went to an intersection where this crazy stalker or crazy man tries to shoot the alpha guy and instead his daughter or niece calls out to him and then the shooter aims the gun to shoot the daughter or niece but instead the ladylove takes the bullet. She doesn't die but I think she was married before cause she has these visions.

So if you know what I'm going on about please let me know the name of this book.

Much appreciated :)

message 10: by Rain (new)

Rain | 1 comments Newbie, got this book I read last year around this time. I liked a lot but I can't seem to remember the title or author but I do remember the book.

It's start out with this well known lawyer who comes home to find his wife dead from a drug overdose. The assistance DA doesn't believe he's innocent and ends up find out all of the stuff that has happen leads back to her boss being involved with why the lawyers wifes ended up dead. All the evidence includes the murder of a family member of the ADA and the cover up of certain individual that the ADA knows. I think the wife was a beauty queen or something but came from a bad past, she was using drugs and a hooker or something along that line. The ADA is female and the Lawyer was successful and goes to prison where he starts given advice to fellow prisoner on how the law works and how to either get out or appeal there conviction.

Any help would be very nice.

message 11: by Carolyn (new)

Carolyn | 1 comments hello Im looking for a book I read a long time ago. I have no idea what the author or title. Its about a girl whose boyfriend breaks up with her because he thinks that it is the right thing to do because they are going to separate colleges. Come to find out that the girl is getting a new neighbor in her apartment complex. she soon finds out that it is her exboyfriend and tries to stay away. Whilst in the process she meets another guy that basically becomes a psycho stalker. she ends up being with her ex and her ex beats the stalker dude and makes him go to the hospital. In the epilogue it's years later where they are granparents talking to there grandchildren. I would really appreciate it if any would could help.

message 12: by Julissa (last edited Oct 07, 2014 11:14AM) (new)

Julissa Martinez | 1 comments i am looking for a book i do not the characters names, title and author. the book a girl moves to i think its England with her dad who is a lawyer, her mom and her little brother. she meets a boy at school who is a bad boy, but of course she later grows to love him (vise versa) . also she comes to find out eery one who she imagines dying ends up dean. the boy has the power to heal people. he later states that he had a dream about her saying "save them" and that he had this dream before he even met her. then she tells him she was involved in an accident at here old school, an old theatre fell on top of her and her friends and she thinks she caused it. but they couldn't find the body of her ex boyfriend (who raped her). at the end of the book she sees him at a police station and has a flash back to where the news states that his body was never found. i think the ex boyfriends name starts with a "P"

message 13: by Siobhan (new)

Siobhan Healy | 1 comments Hello,
I am looking for a book i read a while back! It's about a middle eastern girl who has an arranged marriage. She does not like her husband, he beats her , she has an affair and gets pregnant by a boy she grew up with because she loves him. I believe he ends up dying. She does have a child with her husband and it is a boy nad she despises him because he is just like his father but the otherr child from the lover is a girl who she loves dearly. If anyone has heard of this book please let me know.

message 14: by Matthew (new)

Matthew Swanson | 1 comments I read a book about 2 years ago about a popular kid and a new nerd that moved into town.(Pennsylvania?) The nerd's nae was Penn(Or close to Penn) The popular kid thinks of the nerd poorly but they eventually become friends. publish date 2005-2012 ish.

message 15: by arabelle (new)

arabelle | 1 comments Looking for a book about a reclusive dad who is an as actor. He keeps his distance from his daughter so he hires a nanny who he has sex with but because of his past he pushes both of them away. The mom comes but only to hurt the dad for his past mistakes. The nanny tells the dad to make her leave.

message 16: by Megan (new)

Megan | 1 comments Hi, I'm looking for the title of a book. it was a collection of multiple horror short stories. I only remember a couple of the stories, though i remember a big theme of the cover art (and maybe title?) was either about scarecrows or the grim reaper.
1.) This was the main story of the book and it was about a boy who drew either a farmer, scarecrow, or grim reaper and it came to life and tried to attack him. I don't remember the resolution or much about it other than there was a scene where it chased him through his school.
2.) Was about a boy who had to live with his grandma (I think it was because he got in trouble?) and his grandma's profession was making blown glass sculptures. She helped him make one but the patch of sand he decided to use had an urban legend around it and the sculpture started killing people and getting larger each time.
3.) A grandmother taught her grandson and granddaughter the combination of presses on a cube to open it which in turn opened up and had a different combination. The children were warned never to open the second cube, but after the grandma they did anyway and the story ended mid-sentence.
4.) A youngish girl lived with her family when her grandma went senile and had to stay with them. The family wasn't happy about it, but cared for her anyway. It eventually turns out (the girl realizes but nobody believes her) that the grandma is actually experiencing things a couple days in the future. The grandma has a crazy seizure and goes vegetative, and three days later a hurricane hits her home. (If i'm not mistaken the daughter runs away before it can happen but her family dies.)
5.)A girl (maybe in her late teens/twenties?) has to coach a soccer game partly due to her younger brother (i don't really remember his role in the story), and it later turns out that the blue team represents god or goodness and the red team represents the devil or evilness. i dont remember much of this one, but i remember the specif lines "what happens if the red team wins?" "i dont know. It's never happened before."
6.) i think this one was in the stories but im not sure. It was about an ice cream truck that was impossible to catch and there was this legend that one kid caught it and disappeared. One day a young boy gets it in his head to catch the truck and when he does he finds the boy that disappeared and is now chained to the inside of the truck, so he proceeds to be impossible to catch as well.

message 17: by Hope (new)

Hope | 1 comments I am trying to find a series I read a few years ago but am drawing a blank on the name and author. The main character is female and she has a boyfriend who turns out to be a dragon shifter. They aren't a couple until a book or two into the series. They are friends because he is her best friends cousin and they all go to clubs together dancing. He is only half dragon and because of that he has had to hide from the full blooded dragons his whole life since they used to kill half breeds. She meets the dragon king in scotland and becomes friends with him and the rest of the dragon clan than finds out she is called the dragon flame (I think I am remembering that wrong). The boyfriend gets almost killed and the dragon king is able to save him by placing him into a dragon egg to regenerate. Can anyone tell me what the name of this series is? I would love to reread it. Thanks for letting me pick your brains. I appreciate anyone who is willing to help me out.

message 18: by Claire (new)

Claire (olekybookworm) | 2 comments this book opens with a really gruesome torture/murder of a couple in their living room. Killers are thugs from some sort of secret agency; what they want is information and their son. Son comes home, sees what is happening hides out in the woods until he can get away un noticed and makes his way to a family friend who is Japanese. This guy trains the son in fighting; the son has some special skills. He is definitely being hunted. I know I have this book on my Kindle somewhere but can't remember the name of it, and I know there will be sequels! HELP

message 19: by Claire (new)

Claire (olekybookworm) | 2 comments I found the book and was able to get the 2 sequels for 99 cents each on amazon. The series is The Metaframe War by Graeme Rodaughan

message 20: by Raul (new)

Raul Zamarripa | 1 comments Hello, new to the group, but as I was reading the Silver Chair, the chronicles of Narnia book 6, I suddenly remembered this far off book about a world where people are psychic and they use their abilities in their everyday lives. But this one boy either doesn't have the same abilities or develops multiple psychic abilities. He came to release that he can do much more with his abilities when he was drowning and pulled the oxygen into his lungs. I do not know if this scene will help jog the memory of the book for yall but it's the one that stuck with me. Also this book is about 5-6 years old, possibly. thank you for any comments

message 21: by DawnRumfield (new)

DawnRumfield looking for a book where a cop diver helps retrieves a body from a car in the river and during the autopsy they find a flash drive in his stomach. later the same cops girlfriend is drugged at a bar and falls asleep at the wheel and drives into the river and he saves her the the girl who drugged the girlfriend is killed by the same people who had her spying on who came and went keeping a record of everything in notebooks. need help finding this book wanting to read it again.

message 22: by Karmen (new)

Karmen (karmentumanov) | 1 comments Hello, I have a problem.. I don't remember the title or the author of one fantasy book.
There are people who live in an enclosed area, there were walls around this area if i remember correctly. There is one girl who is one of the main characters. Her father is a ruler of this place. The girl has a brother but he is missing, nobody knows where he is. One day one weird boy was found near this enclosed area and he lived there for a while. The girl and the boy fell in love, but the boy isn't human. (I don't remember who he was, but he could change into bird or some kind of animal) The boy is from another universe and he goes back there. The girl follows him. Long gone brother returned home. The parallel universe is dangerous for people, because of the creatures that live there, so the boy hides the girl.
I hope some of you have read this book, I would really appreciate it if i found it again! Thanks

message 23: by [deleted user] (new)

I read a romance book long ago. It was about a girl whose brother got killed during the civil war. She was on the south side. She was upset at the soldier who killed her brother, so she decided to avenge her brother's death by seducing him. One day, she attended the general's funeral where she met him and seduced him. After spending the night with him, she snuck away. One day, he found her on a ship. He was angry with her because she left without saying a word to him. She claimed that she is marrying a guy (her uncle?). When they reached land, she left with her uncle who she claimed was her husband just to make the guy jealous. She made sure that she will be living next to his ranch/farm. The guy has a group of cattle that he branded the letter "R" which stands for her name. She has a group of cattle that she branded the letters "RR" which stands for her name and her (dead) brother's name. She did a lot of things to hurt the guy. When she finally came clean and told the guy her plan, she admitted that she had fallen in love with him and cannot bear hurting him anymore. She also told her relative uncle? about her plan, which he told her was wrong. In the end, they made up.
I want to read this book again. It's been so long ago. I can't remember the title of the book or the name of the author.
If anyone can help me, I would appreciate it. Thanks.

message 24: by Andrea (new)

Andrea Kelly | 2 comments Hi everyone

Ok the book I am desperately searching for is a gay romance book. I can't remember the title or author but the cover may be of a old car in front of a lit up villa

The story is like this.

It starts with a guy who accidentally meets his brothers who he hasn't seen in years. They are delighted and bring him back home with them despite his reluctance.
He meets his Father who is remarried and is delighted to see him because he hasn't seen him in years. It turns out that his mother left the family and he went with her. She got into drugs and the person who supplied her then tried to assault him. She fought and defended him and was murdered. He went into witness protection with a new identity. A secret he is scared to tell his family. He going through the memories has a panic attack and finds he has gone blind but eventually is comforted by his lover who came after him

He originally left his lover along with his job because of his fears but he follows him and says he loves him and wants to get married and even buys them a house. The man finally tells the story of what happened to him to his family and they are all reunited.

message 25: by Lost in Fiction (new)

Lost in Fiction (lost-in-fiction) | 1 comments Hello!
I'm looking for this urban fantasy book. I can't remember the title or the author, but I do remember part of the plot.
It is about a girl who is part of a "race" that has magic, that show through a mark on their skin. The larger the mark, the more powerful (her mark is very small and under her eye). She lives in an old house with her "coven" (I don't think they say coven, but I don't remember how they refer to it). Her parents die and they suddenly attack her, so she goes to the government where all type of creatures take part and asks for help. A very old and powerful vampire agrees to give her protection, and she goes to live to her house.
I remember that later on the different vampires from this house train her and she discovers that she is actually very powerfull. And there is some romance with that first powerful vampire.
Any help is apreciated! thank you!

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