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message 1: by JC (new)

JC (jmnc) I've searched elsewhere for the answers to my questions, but it could take YEARS to sift through all the search returns, etc. I've decided to post here with the hope that one of you lovely ladies can help me run GR. Is there a user 'help' link that I'm not seeing for troubleshooting or 'how-to' instructions? Mainly I want to know how to edit posts at this point because I'm having trouble editing a post in another group. I want to change the link to a book, but when I edit and insert the book link it always puts the link at the bottom of my post, grrrr! Also I see people posting links to GR lists, outside websites, etc. and I don't know how to do that either. If you can point me in the direction of a group or link that tells people how to run this thing, that would be great! I hate to bother people every time I have a little tech problem when it seems like everyone else knows how to do all this stuff.....

message 2: by Pickles (new)

Pickles (angstypickles) I don't know if the community has a how-to thread or anything, but you can see how to add a link to something in the "some html is ok" link above the comment box. It has instructions for posting links and pictures there. When you go back to edit a post and you want to change a book using the "add book/author" feature, it always puts the new link at the bottom. You just have to copy and paste it in the place of whatever book you're trying to replace.

message 3: by JC (new)

JC (jmnc) Thanks so much, that makes sense about the copying and pasting - guess I didn't think that far to another step needing to be taken.

message 4: by JC (new)

JC (jmnc) Wow! thanks so much Trish - this answered questions I didn't know I had!

message 5: by Pickles (new)

Pickles (angstypickles) Oh, I'd forgotten about that thread in The Book Addicts. Definitely a good resource!

message 6: by Adrienne (new)

Adrienne (adriennemarietheresa) | 175 comments Not sure if I understand all of your questions, but I do know the answer to one of them....

The Goodreads forums for groups and well pretty much anywhere to can type in your input on the website recognizes websites in the text. You don't have to do anything.

So, for example...
My blog's url is

All I did was copy/paste the url and the site is smart enough to make it a working link.

You used to have to type in the html code, but no more.

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