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message 1: by Jan (new)

Jan (janoda) | 1 comments Hi there!
I know it's summer and everybody is enjoying AFK time, but I thought to liven up this group a bit :)

No better way to do that than starting a new discussion.
On with the show!

What Web Serial, Webfiction or other online literature have you been enjoying lately? Spill the beans, and be sure to leave a link!

I'm kinda busy atm, so I'm only reading one for now.

Arkady & Kain is the latest work by MCM, and so far it's been a thrilling read.
It updates daily for the entire month of august, and it tells the tale of Arkady, a fashionable young assasin/terrorist, and Kain, her counterspy.

It's great fun!
(I really like the coverart too)

Now it's your turn!

message 2: by MeiLin (new)

MeiLin Miranda (meilin_miranda) | 1 comments I'm reading Kip Manley's City of Roses. It's set in my home town, which is one reason, but it's also got an intriguing writing style. It's like an American "Neverwhere," for lack of a better description--serious lack. I've been cleaning and my head is full of dust. o_O

message 3: by Frances (new)

Frances (mothindarkness) | 83 comments Mod
Thanks for the topic! I'm reading The Gilded Shackle, primarily right now. I also found some great reads at Textnovel.com and have been following a scifi there called Android as well as some of the traditional cell phone novels. New stuff, and a fun way to catch a serial.


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