Understanding the Purpose and Power of Prayer Understanding the Purpose and Power of Prayer discussion


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Tcrimmel I found this book to be fairly representative of proactive Christian Faith. This book does not present a formula, but covers and checks our attitude and covers areas of Biblical authority given to the followers of Yeshua, or as we know him in the Greek sense, Jesus.

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Didi I have seen God move in my life and marriage, so I can really understand what this book is "trying" to explain about the importance of prayer. "The "Amen" stands at the door and knocks, if anyone hears my voice & opens the door...." (Rev.3:20). One can never understand this book if you are Spiritually blind. 1 Corinthians 2:2-16. I felt power in my life after seeing the preaching on this book. We can all make comments because its in our human nature to do so. Someone should also comment about the Bible because it was wriiten by people inspired through God's wisdom, yet millions of people today still dont understand its meaning. If I can understand what Dr.Myles is saying in this book, then that's for my salvation because I believe that God placed his Spirit in us, and so this Sprit needs to communicate with God.

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