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message 1: by Adrienne (new)

Adrienne | 265 comments OK since joining GRs have your reading tastes changed? Did you start out like Manga/Graphic novels and developed a taste for Charles Dickens?

message 2: by Adrienne (last edited Aug 25, 2010 08:26AM) (new)

Adrienne | 265 comments I've always enjoyed romance books and I make no apology for this. However after a break in reading I read the Twilight series, then I found GRs via a Blog whose author had come across GR and wanted to recommend 'better' vampire books than SMs Sunshine was one of the books she suggested. Anyway I joined GRs, set up my account and played around. I would say that having access to other peoples bookshleves and Listopia has drastically altered what I read. I think also that within my favourite genres I like to stretch the boundries but on my own terms.

Lynne - The Book Squirrel (squirrelsend) | 3622 comments I read alsorts of things as a kid and teen, then a friend introduced my to horror as I used to watch the old Friday night horror films while babysitting. Books by Robin Cook, Graham Masterton, John Saul and of course Stephen King.

Now I read lots of different authors and genre, because the authors can't write fast enough for me! lol! I love Goodreads and doing the challenges and group reads and the odd buddy read too. I joined the Sci Fi and Fantasy book club run by my local Waterstones in July and made new friends and had loads of recommendations from them too.

message 4: by Kay (new)

Kay | 9 comments I haven't been a member of GRs long enough for it to have had an effect I don't think, but I have always had fairly catholic tastes in most things, books included. When I was a kid I would read just about anything, but with a particular interest in fantasy (once I was introduced to Tolkien in my early teens) and sci-fi (I grew up watching Star Trek and fell in love with Spock). I was put off Jane Austen for life when I was subjected to Northanger Abbey at 'O'level (yep, I'm that old I pre-date GCSEs)and I have never picked up anything of hers since (nor will I watch any of the movies). I just cannot take hysterical female swooning and such, although I do appreciate the Bronte sisters (Jane Eyre is one of my fave books)
Anyway, having said GRs hasn't had a effect on me, I have been browsing around reading reviews and increasing my to-read list so I guess it has really.

message 5: by Sam (new)

Sam (ecowitch) | 596 comments Definitely, since joining GR between Listopia, the Popular book pages, recommedations, group reads and the GR giveaways, my reading tastes have exploded in diversity. I used to read largely horror and thriller books, started trying different books by purusing my friends shelves in uni but since GR I've tried pretty much every genre of book, some I've enjoyed more than others but at least I've tried them and I think that's what GR is all about trying new authors and genres that you usually wouldn't.

message 6: by Kimberley (new)

Kimberley (Trillianne) | 59 comments I wouldn't say changed as much as broadened. I have found new authors I hadn't even contemplated before.

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