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Taylor ♡  | 1771 comments Mod

message 2: by Yuri (new)

Yuri (I_Support_Gay_Marriage) | 2 comments Katey walked down the street.

message 3: by Elysse (new)

Elysse (readyforthemorgue) Belle glided down the street with a book in hand and almost ran into another girl. "Oh, sorry. My fault."

message 4: by Kendra (new)

Kendra (KendraG) | 1131 comments Ellie walked across the street with a pile of music sheets in her hand.

message 5: by Elysse (new)

Elysse (readyforthemorgue) Belle saw a girl coming across the street with music sheets almost flying everywhere. "Here, let me help you," she said putting her book under her arm. She reached out to help.

message 6: by [deleted user] (new)

Leah sat at the park bench and listened to her ipod.

message 7: by Kendra (new)

Kendra (KendraG) | 1131 comments "Oh, thanks." Ellie smiled.

message 8: by Taylor ♡ (new)

Taylor ♡  | 1771 comments Mod
Angie walked down the stairs of the mall hoping to find something she really liked...She looked at every stores window to see if anything really popped out, but nothing yet..

message 9: by Elysse (new)

Elysse (readyforthemorgue) "It's no problem," Belle said smoothly in her unmistakeable French accent. She took some papers and continued walking across the street with the girl. "Je m'appelle Belle. You?"

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Aria was wandering around the park, clutching a notebook and pen in her right hand. She walked over to a free bench by the fountain. She sat down, and put the notbook on her lap. She kept the pen in her hand, and started to write.

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