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message 1: by Harrie (new)

Harrie Rose (harrierose) | 9 comments Allison Bowzer,the Marketing Director of Amazon's self-publishing told me yesterday that the best way to get your book on top is to have people click on it. Tagging is not necessary.

Go to Amazon Books and put Harrie Rose in the seearch box. When the list of books comes up, note Therapy: A Novel by Harrie Rose. Click on it. Let the page come up and then you can just close it. It's the click anc calling the page up that counts.

She also told me another important way to get your book listing in a favorable spot is to have a lot of reviews. You don't need to write anything long. You can just look into the Read Me section and get a feel for the writing. (If you want to buy the book, of course,that would be nice -- but just clicking will help.

Tell me your book name and author, and I'll click for you if you click form me

message 2: by Tricia (new)

Tricia McDonald (httpwwwgoodreadscomtriciamc) | 19 comments Hi Harrie - I'm headed over to click your book right now. My book is Life With Sally: Little White Dog Tails. Thanks for the info and the "click."


message 3: by Tricia (new)

Tricia McDonald (httpwwwgoodreadscomtriciamc) | 19 comments Thanks Nanette - I have clicked on yours as well. ~Tricia

message 4: by Ross (new)

Ross Cavins (rosscavins) | 19 comments I'll click on your books too .. the tagmybookonamazon thing is making a difference with me .. I try to tag about 20 books a day.


message 5: by Tricia (new)

Tricia McDonald (httpwwwgoodreadscomtriciamc) | 19 comments Done, Ross.

message 6: by Gwen (new)

Gwen Mayo (gwenmayo) | 18 comments I managed to tag the people on the current list last night and those who had replied to me yesterday. I'm doing a book signing tomorrow so I probably will have to wait until Sunday to do any more tags. Those of you who tagged CIRCLE OF DISHONOR yesterday are much appreciated.

message 7: by Denise (new)

Denise Krochta | 4 comments If you got this twice excuse me. I don't think I posted before closing. Anyway I just went and clicked on all of your books above on Amazon. An easy thing to do for each other.
Please vist Amazon Books and click on my book
Denise Krochta the book is Sweat
If you can do some tagging too, I'd appreciate it!

message 8: by Cindy (new)

Cindy Vine | 19 comments Nanette if you just click on the book on Amazon it'll work just as well and you can do that without buying a book. Mine is Not Telling by Cindy Vine and also The Case of Billy B by Cindy Vine. If you guys can click on mine I'll be sure to click on yours.

message 9: by Denise (new)

Denise Krochta | 4 comments Cindy:
I'll go there now. Please click on mine "Sweat: A Practical Plan for Keeping Your Heart Intact While Loving an Addict"

message 10: by Gwen (new)

Gwen Mayo (gwenmayo) | 18 comments Nanette, Cindy, Ross, Denise, your books have been tagged. Please return the favor.

message 11: by Denise (new)

Denise Krochta | 4 comments ok, done

message 12: by Denise (new)

Denise Krochta | 4 comments thanks

message 13: by Gwen (new)

Gwen Mayo (gwenmayo) | 18 comments Thanks Nanette.

message 14: by Katherine (new)

Katherine Kane (wikate) | 5 comments Just clicked on everyone's book.

Mine is TRAINING THE CITY DOG It just arrived on Amazon on Wednesday.

Thursday is Promote Self & Help Other Writers Day for me, so I'll add this task to the Thursday task list. I think books fall down if clicking and tagging don't continue.

message 15: by Gwen (new)

Gwen Mayo (gwenmayo) | 18 comments Tagged Katherine.

message 16: by Michael (new)

Michael Stephenson | 9 comments Do people still do this? Also, do people still use the tagging feature anymore. I know that it is now a little more tucked away, but it is still there. And I would think that clicking on the book and tagging it would be very beneficial.

message 17: by Harvey (last edited Nov 14, 2013 08:12PM) (new)

Harvey Click | 18 comments How do you get to the tag feature, Michael? I thought Amazon had done away with it.

I clicked on the folks who posted above. If anyone wants to do me the favor of clicking on my books, here they are:

message 18: by Michael (new)

Michael Stephenson | 9 comments Here is the link to the most used tags page. They tuck it away.

What you do is that you kind of have to know what tags you already want to use. You click a tag like "mystery." At the bottom of the page it will say "Add more products to this tag" or something close to that. Click that and make sure you are signed in with a profile and everything. Once signed in you can tag your books or whatever you want with that mystery tag. It is more complicated than before but it works. The difference now, I guess, is that you have to tell others every category you want to be tagged in. For instance, my kindle book A Negotiation of Wounds (Negotiation Series, #1 should be tagged in: Alpha Male, Erotica, Divorce, legal, suspense, thriller, and a few other categories. Along with it, someone should probably also tag things like: Fifty Shades of Grey, the TV shows Scandal and The Good Wife, and the film or book War of the Roses.
Once that is done, one should still actually go and visit the page of each book and click on those same shows/books that were tagged as that will increase the traffic to that book.

message 19: by Harvey (new)

Harvey Click | 18 comments Wow, thanks, Michael. It's good to know some of the secret passageways of Amazon.

message 20: by Michael (new)

Michael Stephenson | 9 comments You are welcome, Harvey. Always good to help.

message 21: by R.L. (last edited Jan 07, 2014 05:32PM) (new)

R.L. Tighe (rltighe) | 2 comments Hope this thread is still going as seems a while since the last post and have only just discovered it...

Thank you Michael as I was scratching my head before I saw your post, just ran through it and isn't so daunting once you get the hang of it (not sure quite what it does yet though!). It does however appear you can search quite easily using the authors name which is helpful. Here are my details by way of my UK/US author pages below if anyone fancies giving it a go :)

I have one book that could fall under women, comedy and humour. I am not really sure what the related books TV shows etc mean, though if I had to pick some to link tag, I would say maybe, Bridget Jones, The Office, Jerry McGuire, The Full Monty?
I also have two book which fall under the love and poetry tags, though would not know where to link them.

message 22: by Dennis (new)

Dennis II (dennisnappiii) | 8 comments This is really good advice - Thanks for sharing. I clicked everyone's book(s) above. Here is the link to mine: "Service, a Soldier's Journey: Counterintelligence, Law Enforcement, and the Violence of Urban Education."




message 23: by Harvey (last edited Jan 07, 2014 08:15PM) (new)

Harvey Click | 18 comments I just clicked on all of your books, R.L. and Dennis.

message 24: by Jim (new)

Jim | 4 comments Just hit the current entries with a click, if you would be so kind to reciprocate!

message 25: by Pamela (new)

Pamela Frost Dennis (goodreadscompamelafrostdennis) | 1 comments Hi

I am going through the list and clicking everyone. Here is my book - Dead Girls Don't Blog.

Thank you!

message 26: by Shir (new)

Shir Guez (shirguez) | 5 comments Hey everyone!

I'd really appreciate it if you'll tag my ebook (there are tags, you should only "agree" with them):

message 27: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth Blake | 40 comments Pamela wrote: "Hi

I am going through the list and clicking everyone. Here is my book - Dead Girls Don't Blog."

Pamela. I don't see any tags on your book. Are they there and I'm just not seeing them?

message 28: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth Blake | 40 comments Jim wrote: "Just hit the current entries with a click, if you would be so kind to reciprocate!"

Jim, I don't see any tags on your book. Where are they?

message 29: by Justin (new)

Justin (justinbienvenue) This is a very simple and neat idea. I'm wondering why people stopped doing it. I didn't realize clicking on a page helped it so much who would have thought?

I'll get it going again,
Justin Bienvenue, Like A Box of Chocolates

message 30: by Sharlyn (new)

Sharlyn Branson (sharlynbranson) | 3 comments Hi

I am going through the list and clicking everyone. Here is my books:

Thanks :-)

message 31: by Elaine (new)

Elaine (httpgoodreadscomelaine_chaika) | 48 comments My book is "Humans, Dogs, and Civilization." I would be happy to click for you if you return the favor.

message 32: by Justin (new)

Justin (justinbienvenue) I thought this was a good idea but then I thought about it and felt it didn't make sense. What's the purpose? Is it to get your book listed first when you type in books for a specific genre? Because I mean while clicking is simple and all and simpler than reviews it just seems like a funny practice.

Then again you said click on the authors page and close it and it counts so I'm confused as to what exactly going to someone's page is doing for them. Its not like Amazon lists authors out in the open. I don't know maybe Im missing the big idea and had to be here 4 years ago when it was popular.

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