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message 1: by cat (new)

cat news (catnews) Kafka on the Shore is one of the few books I've ever had to stop reading before reaching the end. I got as far as the scene where the cat-killing guy is going to kill a cat in front of the guy who searches for cats, but I couldn't bear to continue. Please tell me how this book ends. Thank you.

message 2: by cat (new)

cat news (catnews) Well? Doesn't anyone want to tell me???? If it disturbed you too, you can tell me.

message 3: by Ranee (new)

Ranee | 67 comments you have to move forward beyond that scene. you are missing one great literary piece by stopping yourself from reading the rest of the novel. the other areas are weird, but tolerable. the experience is different and i feel like I am depriving you if I tell you the ending here. i hope you understand.

message 4: by cat (new)

cat news (catnews) Thank you but I don't think you will deprive me. Or at least please tell me what page I should go back to.

message 5: by Des (new)

Des Orf | 7 comments I'll give you some clues but I do advice you to read the book. It's a real masterpiece in terms of modern world literature!

The female siamese cat, Goma, is not being Killed but Nakata does manage to kill Johnnie Walker (who is actually the father of Kafka Tamura)...So, Nakata seems to be the physical killer but actually the virtual abettor seems to be the 15 years old junevile hero of the book.
Hoshino also plays a great role in the katharsis of this dramatic story.
Keep reading...

message 6: by Dan (new)

Dan | 9 comments There is so much metephorical weird shit happening in this book that it's so hard to describe. Everything that happens can be open to an exuberant amount of interpretations. I'm with everyone else on this one... you need to finish the book. It's not that I don't want to spoil anything for you (I'm a notorious spoiler). It's that I just don't know how to explain everything. haha! In the end I felt as if it all had to do with keeping things in balance... the yin and yang if you will. Colonel Sanders (being neutral); the simple old man being drawn to the complex lady in the library; Johnny Walker (evil) vs. Kafka (good); the androgynous librarian, etc... You really are missing out if you don't finish this.

message 7: by Toril (new)

Toril Bakken | 1 comments cat wrote: "Thank you but I don't think you will deprive me. Or at least please tell me what page I should go back to."

Just keep reading. Chapter 16 is horrible (it made me cry, and my cat had to sit on my lap for the rest of the evening), but quite short. Things will get better.
This book is just too good to be missed.

message 8: by cat (new)

cat news (catnews) Do we find out why the guy has to kill cats?

message 9: by Des (new)

Des Orf | 7 comments Yes we do...It's been explained with every detail :)

message 10: by Praj (new)

Praj You do not want to miss the intricate Oedipal theme in the concluding chapters. Just keep on reading to appreciate Kafka waking into a 'brand new world'.

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