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Iviana (The Sign Painter) Mʘ‿ʘP (thesignpainter) | 34142 comments Mod
Phobos is the minor god of fear and panic


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Isobel *The Goddess of Annoyance* (goddess_of_annoyance) | 13860 comments Name: Avery Aaliyah Fovós

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Appearance: Avery has dark blonde hair that is slightly lightened by the sunlight. She has cold, rutheless green eyes that are often mistaken for trustworthy. She has pale skin and a small, mocking smile on her face almost always. She doesn't stand very tall, but she can make herself frightening when she chooses. Her eyes stand out on her pale skin and they always seem to be finding the next way to torture you.



Personality: You don't annoy, anger or mock Avery. She can- and will- frighten you to the level where you run back to your mother, calling for mercy. She won't think twice about torturing you with your fears and she always considers fear as a gateway to get out of a sticky situation. She is quick to jump to conclusions and is angered very easily, so be careful how you word your phrases around her. If anything irks her she makes sure it has no bravery left in it to annoy her again. Despite her quick-temper, Avery isn't all that frightening, unless you catch her off guard. She is rather laid back and almost always has a mocking smile on her face. She can be sweet at times, but don't count on it- it's only towards her closest allies and family. If you try to get her to do something she doesn't want to... watch out.

Other: Avery has a snake. It's a large python that she leaves out and allows to slither around her bed if not the whole room. His name is Metus, Latin for fear. The snake can count as her weapon, though she rarely uses him for it.
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Kat (sugaraddict) | 11750 comments Mod
Name: Devon James Graye
Gender: Male
Age: 17

Devon has an angular, chiseled face with thin lips that are often pressed into a thin line of thought or a scowl of distaste. His eyes are a little small, but have a gray blue tone to them. When he's particularly pissed they tend to cloud over, like a rain storm. When he's solemn, they're a more silver-blue. Though he's rarely happy, when he truly is it seems like the storm has left. Of course, his eyes aren't changing it's just the light exposure by his certain expression. But his eyes can give away information if you know how to read them.
A well-muscled yet scarred body comes from years at camp. Callused hands and chipped finger nails are always fairly clean.

Personality: Devon is.. difficult to say the least. His view on life is pessimistic, some might say. He considers it searching. Questions like: 'What's the importance of (blank)?' and 'Why was I put here on earth' lead to 'Why is there an earth?'. He doesn't expect to find answers, but he finds that searching through this uncharted territory makes other things seem absurd. The way people can be so friendly and happy. That's why he gets irritated so easily, and has a temper. Oh, well that's another thing about Devon. He may not go seeking for trouble, but if it comes to him he won't hesitate to knock it down. His powers aren't something he prides himself it but is something he won't hesitate to use. He likes being alone, in places of nature.

Other: His weapon is a silver scythe, that is red tipped. The hilt is black, with some Greek engraved on it.

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Isobel *The Goddess of Annoyance* (goddess_of_annoyance) | 13860 comments Name: Tellamyna "Telly" Winchester Wilison

Gender: Female

Age: 7

Appearance: description
Telly has soft blonde hair that hangs delicately down to just above her breastbone. A few layered strands of it fall in front of her seemingly warm, icing coated blue eyes. Her skin is soft, looking and feeling like velvet, and she has naturally blushed cheeks. She rarely smiles anymore, though she would have nearly perfect teeth for it, except for a slight gap in between her two front teeth. She has a small, short, slight build that can easily get lost in a large crowd. If you ever get her to laugh, she has a small delicate laugh almost like the twittering of a bird. She can usually be found wearing jeans- blue or white- and a pink or blue t-shirt. She refuses to wear dresses or skirts, as she does not like to show the long, spindly scars running along both of her legs.

Personality: Despite first look, Telly isn't all 'sugar and spice and everything nice'. Quite the opposite. She has a heart colder than Baked Alaska (a dish best served cold ^-^) and it isn't going to unfreeze any time soon. She doesn't give a damn about people in general, or so she leads you to think. She is very, VERY convincing and could probably convince you to jump off a cliff with combined fear-magic and puppy-dog faces. She is extremely dangerous when put into the wrong situation and isn't afraid to use her powers. Her unusual personality is gonna be explained in the History. *theme song plays*

History: Telly's 'father', or, as she calls him, Dave, wasa half-blood himself. He knew from the moment dear Telly was born that she wasn't his child. He raised her as his, though, until he died. Yesterday.
Telly was distraught when Dave died, though she knew there was nothing she could do. Unlike many demigods, her father thought it best to explain to her what she was at a young age, causing the monsters to come years before they usually would. She knew the way to camp and everything, thanks to Dave, and traveled the whole way on foot, as her mother died in childbirth. She hasn't been the same since the first attack when she was almost 6, and this event just made it all worse.

*will fill out more as she stays longer.

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Iviana (The Sign Painter) Mʘ‿ʘP (thesignpainter) | 34142 comments Mod
Name: Drake Hamilton

Gender; M

Age: 18

Appearance: He's got two black pits for eyes that simply scream 'death' from the moment you look at them. They always seem to be leering. A sneer or smirk is glued to his face at all times. Drake has layers of dark brown hair that always seem to fall to his face. He has several scars along his arm, though no one but him know why they're there. Drake doesn't bother to cover them, as he simply doesn't care who sees. Scars.

Personality: You do not screw around with Drake. Mess with Drake and you die. Or at least, wish you were dead. Meet him in battle, and you'll wish you never challenged him. Physical pain is his version of inflicting fear into someone. He enjoys it, mind you, and will do it without a second thought.

Other: year rounder. His weapon is a whip, though no one truly sees it. It simply lashes out when he feels like it, as if it had a mind of its own.

UPDATE: also uses daggers.

UPDATE: Also uses the anti-dryad's whip. >_>

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*~Silvypoo~* (Chaser of Artemis) (Silverfur) | 14363 comments name: Jennifer "Jen" Amy Metzer

gender: female

Age: fourteen soon to be fifteen on December 20th

appeareance: Jennifer
Jen has a small and slender frame, but don't let her looks have you seeing her as small and weak. Her body is packed with lean, hearty, hard muscle. Her thin, shallow face is pale with wide ice colored eyes which is always covered with a dark black eyeliner and mascara except for when she sleeps. Surrounding her slim face is blinde hair so blonde, it's almost white. On some parts of her hair is black strips on the bottom and top.

personality: Jen is probably the least cruel of her siblings, and perhaps even the least immature. It's true, she enjoys screwing with people's emotions, but she refuses to seriously hurt anyone. She's sarcastic and snarky just like any other sibling in her cabin, but she has a sweet side, and can be tamed. She refuses to be used by anyone, and if her trust is taken advantage of, she will make that persons life a living hell. In battle, she's like a goddess on her own and is nearly impossible to beat, but it's happened.

other: Jennifer lived with her mother in a tatoo parlor/home. Her mom met her dad when he went to work in her shop. After her mother, Chrissy became pregnant with Jennifer, Phobos left without a trace. Chrissy never forgave Phobos, and hates her daughter because she is part of a god, especially Phobos. As soon as she found out about camp half-blood, Jennifer was halfway there with a new charm bracelet on her wrist. Later, she found out that the charm bracelet transformed into a long, silver rapier. It was Chiron's doing. Jennifer has a colorful butterfly tatoo on her shoulder that her mother gave to her before she left for camp half-blood. She usually doesn't return home during the year, but sometimes her mother asks for her back.
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Jen's tatoo;
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recently, Jen's older sister, Avery left the Phobos cabin to become a huntress. Now, the huntresess are leaving camp half-blood on a hunting trip. Avery can no longer care for Metus properly, so he has been giving to the only other child who cared about the snake. Metus belongs to Jen now, and in her sister's honor to her cabin, guards him with her life.
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Jen is cursed. A few years back, her and another camper got into a little fight. Lily, daughter if Demeter was there. Jen was thrown into a bunch if plants, including a cactus. Lily and Jen soon realized that either Phobos or Demeter had cursed Jen, creating an empathy link between the girl and the cactus. When the cactus is thirsty, Jen is thirtsy and goes to water the plant. She's become the silent organism's waiter in a way, knowing when it needs to be cares for and caring for it. She won't allow the plant to due for fear that she may die. She blames Lily for this whole mess. Also, she tries keeping her curse a secret, knowing Evander will find some way to mock her and her plant.

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Cloudy Storms (cloudstrife) | 938 comments Name:Mariel Freign
Appearance:She has pale skin, with green eyes so sharp, they seem to bore into your heart and search for your darkest fear. She has strands of black above her blonde hair, that she usually parts it to the right, above her right eye.
Personality:She hates to see anyone run in fear from her, or watch people get tortured by her siblings. She's more of a pacifist, but will defend anyone that gets hurt and are innocent. She often stands or sits in a corner away from her anyone that wants to talk to her, or even just walk past. Besides that, she's nowhere near shy, and has a can-do attitude.
She's feels as if she's the only one that has a sense of humaneness, that she obsereved in the Phobos cabin, and doesn't like to manipulate anyone, especially in fear. However, if you betray her, prepare for nonstop fear and paranoia, enough to make a sane person go suicidal. Usually laid back, and tries to be humourous, she succeeds at times, but epically failes most of the time at humor. Sometimes, if depressed or infuriated, she'll begin to seem a little... like her cabinmates. However, you've got nothing to be afraid of. Yet.

Weapon:A pair of daggars about 3/4 of a foot long, made of Stygian Iron. They can transform into a necklace with two sides on it. One with a picutre of her older brother, and the other a picture of her sister.

Other:Refuses to use fear as a weapon after she accidentaly killed her brother and sister while trying to escape a murderer. She drove the murderer insane, but, he fired the gun before he did. Mariel still blames herself for the incident. She also is very fond of pets, but whenever she gets mad, say sayanora poor hamster.

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. (onawhim) | 17465 comments Mod
Name Evander Bell

Gender Male

Age 19, born June 11

Looks Cutting and intimidating, he’s easily one of the tallest at camp. Six feet and four inches with a powerful build and broad shoulders, he usually needn’t go more into his power than a cold-as-ice glare. An angular jaw and squared chin certainly give him a very masculine look – those electric eyes of his, a shockingly pale blue, are at clashes with his dark-as-night hair. When Evander scowls, it’s like looking into the face of terror itself. And nobody at camp has seen or heard of compassion touching those malevolent eyes – it’s like the only times a wicked smile graces his facial features, it’s at someone else’s pain.

Personality You do not know the meaning of evil if you haven't met Evander. He has an intimidating aura and a wicked sense of humour which only satisfies him if he's teased or hurt someone in the process. Evander is almost constantly battle-hungry, but even though he's strong, he prefers using his admittedly experienced skill rather than brute force while fighting. Besides from exhibiting a strong aura of fear at will, Evander can plant the seeds of terror in anybody's heart, therefore easily manipulating those he wishes to.
Evander grew up with a burnt-out mother who was constantly on one drug or another in a very dark part of New York City. He was bullied and was a social outcast until Nemesis came to him in the form of a gradeschool teacher and everything became normal for the child - until, of course, his mother abandoned him for a month at home. All the pent up rage released in the form of his energy and the nine-year-old Evander watched as his mother, tormented with the sights of fear bestowed upon her by her son, leaped off the balcony and committed suicide.
Nemesis' advice had been to balance the evil nature of his power with a pleasant personality. This became corrupt over time, and none of the childish playfulness that he had prior to the goddess' meeting remains. Only a cold-hearted monster. He now goes out of his way to disrupt others with his power, spitting on the goddess' idea of balance.

Other His weapon is a double-edged axe of Stygian iron, detailed with Celestial bronze. Stay within a fifty feet radius of him when he handles this weapon. Evander has one prized possession - a black hooded cloak of unknown origin, similar to Hades' healm of darkness in its use - it renders the wearer completely invisible. His father had given it to him upon turning sixteen. However, Evander doesn't use it often.

Jasmine: Evander has found in this solitary Demeter girl a kindred spirit. Though not fallen in love yet, he harbours intense affection for her and is warmed to the fact that she doesn't think of him as a monster-- that she's actually interested in him. The only person he regrets hurting and will never do so again.
Quite Literally Everyone Else: Evander really doesn't care who he hurts. Including his siblings.

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Veronica | 2 comments Name: Akinia Carter

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Looks: Brown curly hair with blue eyes. 5 foot 4 inches. Has a face that intrigues but somehow terrifies.

Personality: I am a surivior. I have delt with a lot of pain, stuff I would rather not explain until maybe a later date. I have been on my own for a few years until I was fourteen and found camp. I have lived so long on my own because I know how show people there true selves.

Weapons: Two identicle knives. The knives are 15 inches long with simple wooden handles. Don't try to take them from me because they just come right back.

Ablities: Besides the whole fear thing, I am very loyal and trustworthy. And just because I am not Athenian doesn't mean that I am not clever or smart.

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