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A Child named "It"

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message 1: by Josh (new)

Josh | 1 comments I thought this book was life changing. The book was good the plot was how this boy daivd get beaten every day of his life and doesn't get fed. The mian character of this story is david or his nicknames tiger, the boy, or it. He had his life nice in till his mother stared to hit him one day and she never stopped. she would do horriblie things to hime like put him arm on the fire and him eat a full diapers or other froms of "treaments". I would recommend this book for all people over 10 or if they think their life is bad but other wise its just a good read. i have a few question for the author i want to know if that is him in the book. if that was him going this mess, but if so you are now one of my favorite author and will always will be.

message 2: by Kiera (new)

Kiera (kiki14) | 7 comments The author is the boy in the story.

message 3: by Zach (new)

Zach | 3 comments This book seemed amazing... the things David was put through were unTHINKable It amazes me people treat ANYONE like this let alone their own CHILD! This story kept me reading and i know im going after the rest of the series. I think i've also hooked my friend on the book. The mother was the wickedest of the characters by far, I pity the father who I'm sure wanted to do something but couldn't. David seemed to be inspirational for enduring torture that probaby would have made me suicidal. I'm not fond of the ending for the 1 and only reason, that I hate cliff hangers. I will recomend that everyone (13 and up) read this book due to the fact that David could very well be an insperational character like no other. The only question i have is why didn't the father sue for the rights to the care of David?

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