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message 1: by Taylor ♡ (new)

Taylor ♡ ((start))

message 2: by MechX (new)

MechX (GaurdianWolf) | 2817 comments Mod
( start what? ........................ lmao )

Talon sat in his padded room, Shaking. He began talking to himself. " Hehehehe, This is so fun.... Why didnt i do this sooner... Killing is fun... hahahaha!"

message 3: by [deleted user] (new)

Giselle paced in her room wondering when lunch time was.

message 4: by MechX (new)

MechX (GaurdianWolf) | 2817 comments Mod
Talon stood up and and walked to the corner, placing his hand on the wall. Still talking about how fun killing was.

message 5: by Taylor ♡ (new)

Taylor ♡ Taylor looked threw the bars to see Talon

message 6: by MechX (new)

MechX (GaurdianWolf) | 2817 comments Mod
Talon turned and looked back, having that weird feeling of being watched.

message 7: by Taylor ♡ (new)

Taylor ♡ she gritted her teeth "i need my knife.." she whispered looking for something sharp.

message 8: by MechX (new)

MechX (GaurdianWolf) | 2817 comments Mod
Talon Walked to the bars and looked at Taylor. Wandering what her problem was...

message 9: by [deleted user] (new)

Giselle sighed sitting down in a ball. "why?" she asked "But I don't want to...yes I know" she sighed "fine fine fine" she said and stood doing a hand stand and then a cart wheel. She stood by the door waiting.

message 10: by Taylor ♡ (new)

Taylor ♡ she growled "no knife!!i have to kill something or somebody!!" she almost screamed it. she turned around and looked at Talon she was covered in blood because of her preivious murders.

message 11: by MechX (new)

MechX (GaurdianWolf) | 2817 comments Mod
(( lol Giselle is quite the char lmao.... ))

message 12: by Taylor ♡ (new)

Taylor ♡ ((lol))

message 13: by MechX (new)

MechX (GaurdianWolf) | 2817 comments Mod
" Hehehe, I know what you mean.. Hahaha... Yes... I do know what you mean...." He tilted his head a little and stared at her smiling.

message 14: by Taylor ♡ (new)

Taylor ♡ she nodded "i cant stop thinking bout killing something" she saidd looking at the bars or the cell. she growled and screamed

message 15: by [deleted user] (new)

((hehe I try :P))

Giselle tilted her head hearing Taylor. She smirked slightly "ooh a killer we have have we?" she asked "gavin should have fun with that.." she said softly and paced back and forth infront of the door.

message 16: by MechX (new)

MechX (GaurdianWolf) | 2817 comments Mod
" Hehehe, Yeah... I miss the blood all over me.. such a thrill .. hahaha... yes... a thrill indeed! .." Talon laughed maniacally.

message 17: by Taylor ♡ (new)

Taylor ♡ Taylor tilted her head and giggled grabbing something she had snuck in. "pick axe perfect.." she laugh she hit the bars and broke then and broke one of them off and sharpened it for talon and she made another one for her she threw it on the floor for him. she stepped out of a slit she made. and walked over to his bared cell and handed him the tool.she looked at the bar cell knife

message 18: by [deleted user] (new)

Giselle laughed and hung on her bars like a monkey. She looked at them.

message 19: by MechX (new)

MechX (GaurdianWolf) | 2817 comments Mod
Talon smiled and Gladly took the weapon, Loving the feel of it.

message 20: by Taylor ♡ (new)

Taylor ♡ Taylor looked at Giselle and made a face. Taylor twirled the knife in her hand.

message 21: by MechX (new)

MechX (GaurdianWolf) | 2817 comments Mod
Talon started slicing his wall, Trying to get out of that damn cell.

message 22: by [deleted user] (new)

"me next me next" she jumped down looking at the knife a twinkle in her eye.

message 23: by Taylor ♡ (new)

Taylor ♡ Taylor nodded and stopped spinning the knife she cut her wrist and looked at the blood. she smiled and laughed evily and mahnicially.

Psychotic_Dog_Demon Jack screamed at the isolation he was in. "LET ME OUT DAMN IT!!!" he screeched. "I NEED OUT!!!"

message 25: by Taylor ♡ (new)

Taylor ♡ Taylor screamed "YOU WILL GET YOUR TURN FOOL!!!!!" Taylor screamed a high pitch schreechy scream

message 26: by MechX (new)

MechX (GaurdianWolf) | 2817 comments Mod
Talon looked down towards Jack's cell and laughed. He started making a slit in the wall.

Psychotic_Dog_Demon Jack rocked back and forth, covering his head, chuckling softly. "I need out....I want out....."

message 28: by Taylor ♡ (new)

Taylor ♡ "shut up you will get out when i give you the fucking pick axe you got it crazy jack?" she growled wanting to throw the knife at him

message 29: by [deleted user] (new)

Giselle bit her lip looking at the blood she tilted her head "out out" she said tugging ont he bars.

message 30: by Taylor ♡ (new)

Taylor ♡ "not yet giselle"

Psychotic_Dog_Demon He laughed, leaning against the wall. "Out....I want out..." he said softly.

message 32: by Taylor ♡ (new)

Taylor ♡ he walked toward his cell "just wait okay??" she smiled and laughed as well

Psychotic_Dog_Demon His eyes darkened as he looked up to her. "Hehe, blood, so much blood, everywhere..."

message 34: by [deleted user] (new)

Giselle grummbled. "out taylor...out out" she said frowning as she tugged the bars.

message 35: by Taylor ♡ (new)

Taylor ♡ She nodded "thats what happens when you wear something white and commit murder to your parents and many innocent people." she smiled

((i'm just gonna add this cause i bored your charries can like someone and i dont care who just tell em and it will be fine wif me..cause theres to girl and two boys k))

Psychotic_Dog_Demon ((kk))

He laughed harder. "I still rememeber, their bodies, twisted, mangled, torn up, their insides leaking out." he was cut off by laughing again.

message 37: by MechX (new)

MechX (GaurdianWolf) | 2817 comments Mod
Talon finally got through the wall, when he was out he got Very Shaky. " Hehehehe Freedom!" Talon walked to jacks cell, and tossed him the Bar knife.

message 38: by [deleted user] (new)

"aawww" giselle moaned frowning. She wanted to be let out as well.

message 39: by Taylor ♡ (new)

Taylor ♡ Taylor looked at Talon and smiled "i would probally hug you but you have to drop the knife.." she laughed

Psychotic_Dog_Demon Jack picked up the knife and worked at breaking out of his cell, that twisted smirk still on his face.

message 41: by [deleted user] (new)

Giselle humphed and crossed her arms her cheek full of air.

message 42: by Taylor ♡ (new)

Taylor ♡ ((hmmm idk who should meh charrie like??))

message 43: by MechX (new)

MechX (GaurdianWolf) | 2817 comments Mod
" We can hug after were out of here, Go help Giselle." Talon said, starting to walk towards her cell.

message 44: by [deleted user] (new)

Giselle smiled "yaya out" she said softly and paced waiting.

message 45: by Psychotic_Dog_Demon (last edited Aug 21, 2010 01:56PM) (new)

Psychotic_Dog_Demon Jack opened his cell door, his whole body trembling with the excitement of being free.

message 46: by Taylor ♡ (new)

Taylor ♡ she walked toward Giselle's ceel and tapped the bars with the knife and broke the bars "there you go Giselle."

message 47: by [deleted user] (new)

Giselle grinned and climbed out. She did a back flip "out" she smirked and looked down the halls "I know where fresh air is" she grinned and started walking down the hall.

message 48: by MechX (new)

MechX (GaurdianWolf) | 2817 comments Mod
" Hehehehehe, Now the hard part... the gaurds... Or should i say the 'Fun' Part..." Talon laughed and shook a little in exitement.

message 49: by Taylor ♡ (new)

Taylor ♡ he looked at her knife "i got this.." she whispered sneaking up to the guard guarding the door. shecut his neck opened and giggled seeing the blood squirt all over her. she walked outside and cut all the guards necks without being seen "okay clear guys come.."

message 50: by [deleted user] (new)

"fun fun fun" she repeated.

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