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Psychotic_Dog_Demon Just a random thing

message 2: by Taylor ♡ (new)

Taylor ♡ *she still had the sword in her hand* when will she die?

message 3: by Taylor ♡ (new)

Taylor ♡ *cheese growled*

Psychotic_Dog_Demon (Lol)

*Sonsu shrugged* Whenever we allow her to.

message 5: by Taylor ♡ (new)

Taylor ♡ *Cheese nodded pushing the sword harder on the prisoners hand*

message 6: by [deleted user] (new)

Dont cut off her hand

message 7: by Taylor ♡ (new)

Taylor ♡ i know.. she kept grip on the sword and shouted FIRE! it burned her hand

Psychotic_Dog_Demon (Nope, we can curse)

*Sonsu smirked* Stay still, last warning.

message 9: by [deleted user] (new)

Joe giggled "cool"

message 10: by Taylor ♡ (new)

Taylor ♡ (we can??yay)

*cheese grinned and said* fire quit no fire. lightning. *bolts of electricity shot out form the blade. she grinned and laughed evily*

Psychotic_Dog_Demon (Well, at least you quotations when speaking)

"Because, any strain to your heart can cause it to stop again." he smirked.

Psychotic_Dog_Demon "With my aura in you and you die, you're soul will wonder in purgatory for eternity, and I'm not sure you want that."

message 13: by MechX (new)

MechX (GaurdianWolf) | 2817 comments Mod
lol u guys are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO out there......

Psychotic_Dog_Demon (Lol, when are we not OUT there?)

message 15: by Taylor ♡ (new)

Taylor ♡ *cheese just watched while her sword sparked with energy*

message 16: by MechX (new)

MechX (GaurdianWolf) | 2817 comments Mod
(( lol... sorry for inturupting.. carry on... lol ))

message 17: by Taylor ♡ (new)

Taylor ♡ ((lol))

message 18: by Taylor ♡ (new)

Taylor ♡ yes yes we are..

Psychotic_Dog_Demon "Hmmm, maybe it is, maybe it isn't." He said, preparing for a fight.

Psychotic_Dog_Demon He smirked, yet didn't answer

Psychotic_Dog_Demon "Come on you pitiful being, fight." He snarled.

message 22: by Taylor ♡ (new)

Taylor ♡ *Cheese got out her electric sword and got ready for the fight to begin.*

Psychotic_Dog_Demon He dodged her attacks, a smile on his face as if he were mocking her.

message 24: by Taylor ♡ (new)

Taylor ♡ cheese's sword shot bolts at her she laugh menicially

Psychotic_Dog_Demon Sonsu walked over and rolled her onto her back with his foot. "now, what did I say?"

message 26: by Taylor ♡ (new)

Taylor ♡ she watched them

Psychotic_Dog_Demon Sonsu's face twisted in disgust as he leaned down and slapped her face. "Vile creature."

Psychotic_Dog_Demon His lips pulled back in a growl, showing his teeth. "Just keep your germs to yourself."

Psychotic_Dog_Demon He laughed and turned his back to her walking a few feet away. "I just don't want your human scent on me."

Psychotic_Dog_Demon He smiled, turning back and siting down. "Yep."

Psychotic_Dog_Demon He just smirked at her attempts to get up.

Psychotic_Dog_Demon He watched her carefully, letting the aura inside of her work it's magic. Now she would be in pain, later, she should be fine.

Psychotic_Dog_Demon He smirked again. "Careful, you'll be in more pain in a few seconds, then it should subside."

Psychotic_Dog_Demon Sonsu let his aura swirl behind him out of view. He could sense what she was looking at, what she wanted and he was ready to strike incase she moved.

Psychotic_Dog_Demon "I told you, I toy with my prey before killing. It makes the kill more enjoyable." He said, keeping his eyes on her.

Psychotic_Dog_Demon "That means it's working."

Psychotic_Dog_Demon He smirked, laughing slightly.

Psychotic_Dog_Demon Sonsu looked at her, unthreatened. "Good try." he mocked, his aura moving behind her and restraining her, hands and legs.

Psychotic_Dog_Demon He smiled at her feble attempts to escape.

Psychotic_Dog_Demon He lifted her into the air, keeping the aura bonds tight on her.

Psychotic_Dog_Demon He chuckled, enjoying the torment she was in. "Hmm, I don't know, what do I want to do?" he asked to himself.

Psychotic_Dog_Demon (Hmm, I like it)

Sonsu smirked and walked to her, placing his hand on her head. "Hehe, and now, you'll serve me."

Psychotic_Dog_Demon He smirked and dug his nails into her scalp, sending a red aura into her head.

Psychotic_Dog_Demon "You will listen to only me, obey my orders, serve at my side. You're will is mine." He send, his eyes shinning with excitment.

Psychotic_Dog_Demon (kk, see ya)

He laughed. "Good." He snapped his fingers and let the aura drop her.

Psychotic_Dog_Demon ((idk, but it's fun))

Psychotic_Dog_Demon ((Lol, yep))

"Stand pet, and follow me." He said, beginning to walk.

Psychotic_Dog_Demon He smiled and turned to her. "Hmm, I wonder how well you can fight."

Psychotic_Dog_Demon Sonsu stepped back and motioned for her to get ready.

Psychotic_Dog_Demon "Show me your defense." He said as he ran to her, his hands positioned for an attack.

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