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Former Rank:
Former Apprentice(s):
Cause of Death:

Graystripe16(Back...again) | 78 comments Mod


former leader

former Thunderpack

[image error]

Personality: She is a very sweet wolf and very wise. She was a good leader and was very strong and brave. She makes good choices and knows what she is doing

Reason of Death:Killed by Deathbite and a another warrior in battle where she lost her last life.

Kin:On earth

Crush:On earth(open)

Mate:(on earth) OPEN

other: she had a hard leader ship but an okay life



Former Rank: Deputy

Former Pack:Riverpack

Personality: He was a noble warrior/Deputy and was very loyal. He was wise and brave. He stole Nikkistar's heart with his charming smile and his sweet heart.

History: When he was young he was always good at everything. He was destined to be the leader of Icepack when the leader died. Soon after he became Deputy he stole Nikkistar's(Who was Nikkiclaw at the time) heart. They were completely in love but no one in else in the clan knew it. When Runningtail was killed she was crushed. Nikkiclaw(Star) was also carrying his pups. No one knew that either. She was made deputy so she souldnt have pups and when she had them she left them in Thunderpack territory in hope a warrior would find them. Runningtail has watched over his pups ever since. No one knows their secrets and hopefully no one will ever have to.

COD: Killed in a battle with Shadowpack protecting pups,after they raided Riverpack camp.

Kin:Mistypup(daughter) Blizzardpup and Rockpup(sons)

Crush:(on earth) OPEN

Mate: on earth

other: He wishes he would still be with Nikkistar and the pups.

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Name: Feathernose
Gender: Female
Former Rank: Medicine Wolf
Former Apprentice(s): Poppyfall
Appearance: http://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=h...
Personality: Gentle and quiet.
Cause of Death: Killed in a raid by trying to protect the medicine supplies.

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Love Bluestar's picture!

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Former Rank:Warrior
Former Apprentice:None
Appearance: http://jbxtaylorlautner.webs.com/208a...
Personality:Snowfeather was a gentle and kind wolf. She loved helping her Clanmates, but sometimes she is stubborn.
Cause of Death:Old age

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