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message 1: by Lheata (new)

Lheata (musicbooklover1006) | 2 comments Does anyone else find it disturbing how every book nowadays has to revolve around twilight whether people start comparing other books to twilight or how nothing will ever compare to twilight? the fact that teen girls everywhere keep obsessing over this way to commercialized series and how hot the vampire and werewolf are! it makes me sick. i myself was once a fan of twilight but the obessive banter between team edward no team jacob is just getting ridiculous! i choose team switzerland! theyre cooler anyway! honestly though ask one teen girl what she thinks of twilight and she'll say and i quote "its amazing! i just love. . (insert fictional characters name here) soo much hes sooooo cute!" and it will be enough to drive you insane and never want to pick up the book again! *realizes shes being a wee bit dramatic*. for all you twilight lovers i say good for you now please let me bang my head against a wall in peace. for all the haters who have nothing better to do than critize it please find someone who actually wants to talk to you about it in a trashy way because your too lazy to actually pick up a copy and read it yourself so you can become a fan. To stephanie meyer i enjoyed your books i really did i still do its a good series but i dislike how many reviews ive read about too many books being too much like yours a 'Twilight rip off' and how people started to throw out every other authors books because it wasnt as good as yours and no other books can ever compare to your series and the hot fictional characters that go with it. And for all the team switzerland people out there i say wooo hooo! too you for not caring which fictional character is more hot than the other! so please all you twilight lovers and haters stop comparing twilight to all the other books out there and be more open minded you might find you like another series more than twilight *Gasps for dramatic affect* thanks for reading this over sized babble blog rant and i dont mean to offend anyone or stephanie with this blog. thanks again for reading and i hope you all have a nice day!

Savannah Andrea Smith | 7 comments Yay! Team Switzerland! :D

lol, yeah I know what you mean. I was introduced to the series by a friend of mine in the summer that Breaking Dawn came out. So I read the whole series WAY before the movies. I actually LOVED the series :) my mom does too. We discuss the morality of the Cullens, as opposed to that of the villains. It's actually a lot of fun to talk to her about. But lately I, too, have become irritated by the sudden wave of *cringe* fangirls...also known as...Twihards.
Yeah, I used to be team Edward, I'll admit, but honestly, I can care less at this point. Rob Pattinson has girls swooning over him. Idk, I guess he just makes Edward Cullen seem different from how I'd pictured him in the book.

On another side of the spectrum, I am FIERCELY annoyed as well. Why is it that ALL my friends who have NEVER read Twilight feel that they can judge it.

It. Ticks. Me. OFF!
Just because some lovesick stereotypical fangirls go all ga-ga over Taylor Lautner's abs, DOESN'T mean that I'm like THEM. I'm not crazy. I won't write some fanfic about Bella dying and then Edward choosing me. I won't hyperventilate in the middle of Wal*mart when I pass the Twilight posters of Edward. My major goal in life isn't to be bitten by Edward and live forever as his lover.
Why is this so hard to believe for some people? I have no clue.

Well, at least I know I'm not alone! XD haha!

message 3: by Lheata (new)

Lheata (musicbooklover1006) | 2 comments thats awesome my friends mom read the books too they truly are a good books and i hope that people dont get the wrong impression from this blog. i totally get where your coming from when friends think your obsessed because you read the series. i was team edward too way before the movies but honestly i dont get what the hole point of teams if people are gonna argue which is better its sort of ridiculous. thanks so much for commenting i was so excited when i heard someone commented and understood my babble ranting! :D

Savannah Andrea Smith | 7 comments lol yeah basically the point of a "team" would be to vote for who Bella should end up with, right? So why are there "team jacob" when Bella already ends up with Edward? XD lol it's stupid!

haha, no problem! I'm glad there's another "Team Switzerland" on this planet! :D lol

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