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I love reading paranormal romance in series form. However, I only like series that have the same protagonist as the main focus of each book--so stuff like Cat & Bones, Sookie Stackhouse, Casa Dracula, Anita Blake (well... the early ones anyway), Blood Ties, etc. Part of the reason for this is that, as a reader, I become invested in these characters and I don't want to let them go (OMG, I sound like a lonely, friendless house frou :)--but you know what I mean).

I've noticed since I joined this group, however, that many of you LOVE BDB which, as I understand, kinda flits around from book to book with different characters taking the focus of each book.

Help me understand this phenomenon. I WANT to enjoy all good books, but I feel like I'll be dissatisfied if I start this series.

Sure, I could just go ahead and buy a couple and see how I feel, but I thought it might be fun for you fans to have an excuse to express the awesomeness as you see it (plus, you really might calm some of my fears).

message 2: by Pickles (new)

Pickles (angstypickles) | 219 comments You know, it's actually the opposite with me. Not that I dislike series that feature the same lead in every book, but I prefer when a series revolves around a group of characters and each one gets his/her own novel (like with the BDB and Kresley Cole's IAD series, to name a couple). I think part of the reason for this is that even if I like the protagonist, as I do with Sookie, eventually I get bored and I just want the to see the character get an HEA and have that sense of closure.

If your concern is that you think you won’t become invested in the characters, I don’t really think that would be an issue with the BDB once you start the series. Obviously everything/everyone is new in the first book, but you get to meet (and grow to love) all of the characters and as the series progresses, you get to know them even more and then you start to anticipate their books. (Well, at least that’s how it happens with me.)

The first six books in the BDB revolve around members of the Brotherhood and I think you will be invested in all of them if you like Ward’s writing style and characterization, although I’m sure you’d develop favorites. Books 7+ move onto secondary characters, so you might not feel as invested in those once you get to that point, but even with those most of the characters had already been introduced in prior books so they won’t be completely new to you.

I’d say if you’re worried, maybe you should check out the first two from the library and give them a shot. That way if you don’t like them, you won’t feel like you wasted your money. Really the only thing I can suggest is to give them a try. The BDB is a good series to start with, but you could always try KC’s IAD series, too. Two totally different writing styles, but I have love for both series and list them in my faves.

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Rafaela (rafahta) | 60 comments Evelyn wrote: "I love reading paranormal romance in series form. However, I only like series that have the same protagonist as the main focus of each book--so stuff like Cat & Bones, Sookie Stackhouse, Casa Dracu..."

I feel the same way. Even though I did read the first 3 BDB books, I didn't get attached to the characters.

I love reading from a first person point of view, and follow their development through the series!

message 4: by Joyce (new)

Joyce Mannarino (joyce82270) | 155 comments I agree. I think that When you get introduced to a group as in the first book you really want a look into their lives too. Even though each book has a different lead character all the characters are seen within each book. Also, as you read each book Ward brings the next character to the forefront so you kinda get invested and ready to move on to the next book.

As with @Harper I would try them from the library first and see if you like them before investing cash into something you will not like.

message 5: by Jayded (new)

Jayded I've never understood trying to make a case for books. It's a matter of personal taste. Either you like something, or you don't.

Jessa ♥dhanger♥ EvilDarkSide (metalgirl80) True, Jeanine. I always suggest trying the first few books and if its not to your liking then move on to something else. Personally, I love the BDB series. It's on of my all time favs, but its not for everyone. I've come across a few series that I ended up putting aside...I try to give it a chance, but after Book 2 or 3 and I'm still not enjoying it then I'll just quit the series. I think its mostly about the writing style and world-building. If you dont like those two things in the intro book (1st book) then you're probably not going to like the rest of the series.

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Jeanine wrote: "I've never understood trying to make a case for books. It's a matter of personal taste. Either you like something, or you don't."

In this instance, you may be right, although I have had another's POV influence my ability to enjoy a book in the past.

I've taken all of your advice and reserved the books at the library (our library books are usually crusty and smokey so I try to avoid it).

Harper, hearing that at least the character continually reappear was really helpful--thanks :)

message 8: by Sandra J (new)

Sandra J Weaver (sandraweaver) | 451 comments I'm not a huge fan of open-ended series featuring one or two characters as the main lead in every book. I think most authors can sustain the interest in these characters for five or six books, but then repetition can start to set in. I read fantasy and sci-fi for many years, and both genres are prone to series which I enjoy (for that matter, so are mysteries). But I find I like a series better and will follow it longer if there is a greater variety in the characters. An example of this would be Andre Norton's Witch World books. I think there are 30 of them. In some of the books, there are continuing characters-generally in sets of three to five or six books. But because her "world" is a world, there are several countries and different protagonists and creatures. Some of the books are stand alones. I enjoy the BDB because the characters occur in each book, but each book tends to have its own focus. I absolutely loathe cliffhangers and will not read a book that ends in one. I have no problem with a continuing story arc that spreads over several books, but each book needs to have some sort of resolution at the end for me to enjoy it. An HEA isn't a necessity although I love them. It is, after all, why I read romance. But an HFN is fine, too.

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Kirttimukha TheCat | 93 comments I normally like series that focus on one or two characters, but frankly I feel like the southern vampire series is getting a little stale precisely because there is no HEA in sight for Sookie. Nothing really nice has happened to her in books and books.

I just started the BDB and I just finished the second book. The fact that that characters are new each book is interesting because you read about a character in one book and are intrigued by them and they're the focus of the next book. The Night Huntress World series is the same, taking peripheral characters from the main series and expanding on them. The difference with that and the BDB is that the overarching story of the fight of Good Vs. Evil remains in each book.

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