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A place for anything you have written

Diabolical Daemonic   (DemonicAngel) | 3 comments So I just post a story on this thread?

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Cody (rolinor) | 87 comments Mod
anything you have written you can post here (though if your just posting the story and not a link to the story make sure its length is not ridiculous)

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L Here is a short story of fantasy genre that i recently wrote, and i would love any feedback if possible. I do hope you enjoy reading it, although please do bear in mind that i am not an author or published but only a humble amateur writer (& current English student). x


“My Lady Eruñtá I bid ye welcome to the realm of Heraya”

As Eanór bowed before me with one arm folded across his chest, his hand lightly resting across his heart I breathed a sigh of relief that I was now safely home. My perilous voyage across the lands of the dark Lord had not been easy, with his fearsome warriors and deadly servants the Carbek chasing me down to Kill. Even the ancient power of my Elvish kind could not protect me from the dangers of the evil that was now spreading throughout the land, as I clutched desperately onto any hope that was now dissolving rapidly. The West tower loomed before me as I stood under its shadow, waiting for the annual meeting of the four seasons and the coming of the chosen one.
Leaving the presence of my master I swiftly made haste to the Forenost antechamber that was situated at the very top of the impressive stone tower, whose structure was concealed by the forest’s dense foliage and canopy except for its spire that reached up to the heavens getting lost within the clouds. It seemed to take hours to reach the top as I silently climbed up the cold, spiral stone staircase that intermittently was penetrated by light streaming in from tiny windows etched into the fabric of the building’s foundations. Flickering flames illuminated the vast empty space that echoed as I entered the chamber, with dark shadows creeping along the floor watching all that moved. All was deathly silent until out of the corner of my eye I noticed the figure of a man making his way under one of the stone pillars towards the golden throne, at the far end of the hall that was placed on a marble plinth. With a tilting of the head he summoned me to him and as I bowed before the great King of the West, I glanced into his eyes and saw the sorrow and grief that was there.

“My Lord Farahír I have come to take counsel with yourself and the other representatives of all races, to speak on behalf of my kin. These are dark times and the growing power cannot be destroyed by the Elves alone of this you know, hence it is time to act.”

Raising his hand I stood before the most powerful ruler in all the five kingdoms, who was now under threat by such strong dark forces that he had finally decided to call for aid. Before another word was spoken between us all manner of Men, Elves and other races flooded into the stone hall, filling the space with sound and movement as five men positioned themselves either side of King Farahír standing to attention. They were the representatives of the land to the North called Hurár, the South being Noldor, the East being Vulda, the Bleak mountains of Shenra and the coastal region of Lorna. As I patiently waited for the sounding of the gong and for the chosen one to make their appearance, I looked out of an immense window behind the King’s throne and looked South over the forest of Fenhura, which was covered in a misty fog so intense that it dimmed all brilliance from the sunlight.


A guard clad in metal plates of armor and heavy chain mail the weight of led, threw all his weight behind a wooden mallet that smashed against a gigantic gong located at the back of Forenost hall. Its sound vibrated against the solid walls bouncing off and echoing throughout the land, thus heralding the coming of change and an event in time that would not be repeated. Pushing through the melee an old, grey bearded warlock concealed beneath an abundance of worn aged cloth and cloak that trailed behind him, came forwards to the front and stood facing the king. His expression was unreadable but the King knew not to question him, as those individuals who possessed magic were untouchable and in many ways more dangerous than any fighting warrior. Spinning around abruptly to face the onlookers after bowing his head to the Lord Farahír, I noticed a tiny crease at the side of his mouth and the slight indication of a smile before he began to speak.

“Friends from different regions and allies from the five Kingdoms; Elves, Men, Dwarves, Shades and Sorcerers you have all been called here to put an end to the build up of evil and bring peace to this land. We have never known such iniquity from one being who now threatens are entire existence, all because of his greed and thirst for power and domination...it is time to now act.”

The King stood up from his throne swiftly and joined those other men who were standing still like statues flanked either side of him, waiting for the call to go to war. After Odetu had made his speech he stood to one side now facing the King who ultimately would decide the fate of the Land of Ventar and all those that resided within its boundary. There was utter silence throughout the great hall as no one dared to breathe, as they like myself waited for that deciding and final verdict. Glancing sideways I studied the face of the powerful, mystifying warlock Odetu who was aloof and yet ever present when the time came for imperative events such as this. Looking into those faces before him and seeing anxiety, fear and concern the King nodded to himself as if he had now made his choice.

“Even though together we could be a mighty force against the Dark Lord’s evil, with such warriors as to crush him physically I do feel that it would be the wrong course of action to take…I have therefore decided that as the chosen one to come forward was indeed a creature of magic, that we should use magic to defeat this great threatening power. If we did not use magic then we could crush his body but not his spirit, which contains such potency as to live on forever casting a shadow over all our lives…never sleeping nor resting, but an ever present threat. No, we must invoke an enchantment that will stop the impending cataclysm with a strong magic produced by the chosen one.”

There was a pause as the King and all the knights of the Heldáré turned to face Odetu who was standing leaning against one of the stone pillars, looking frail and weak. The thought of the Dark Lord being challenged by such a person was a surreal notion, and one that many would not agree with. The steel blade and axe and iron fist were looked upon in favor always when one was standing before their deadly opponent, as magic was almost forgotten in times such as this. But I then turned to the King and nodded my approval of his logic which showed his inner qualities that were based around honesty and practicality, rather than just bloodlust for revenge. The Dark Lord Zulgaré would endure the wrath of the free peoples of this land, but in a way that he would not expect and for this reason hope seemed kindle. Making my way over to Odetu I gave him my arm to lean on so that I could take him to my master Eanór before the rising of the sun, which would be the time that all spells could not be made.

“Come, we must make haste”

A group of Elves draped in flowing fabrics of striking emerald followed myself and the warlock to the golden fountain, where the Lord Eanór and the Witch Queen Saldaréa were waiting. I gasped suddenly as I became aware of the presence of the Witch whose crystal pearl white eyes shone in the sunlight, which when she gazed upon me felt like she was seeing right into my very soul where I could hide nothing. Picking up a silver goblet and placing it under the flowing water; she glided towards Odetu and bowed so low as to rest the goblet by his feet. All eyes then turned to my master and the leader of the race of the Elves, who was standing so serenely beside the trickling water as a pure being of good heart.

“It is time to use your magic Warlock and save all those that dwell within this land to its fate. By doing so you will have to make the ultimate sacrifice, for those that reside within the five Kingdoms and for the people both Men, Elves, Dwarves and magical beings…may the evil be vanquished and peace restored to this land once more.”

I stood tense hardly able to breathe as the old, wise man lifted up the tarnished goblet of water and spoke several words under his breath. Then silence fell and the sky darkened, as time seemed to freeze whilst a wind picked up and grew in strength. With the gale force wind blowing hard the earth surrounding me seemed to rumble and shake, now under a completely overcast sky that had turned from day into night. Then all was still as the sky cleared and became clear, bright blue once more that welcomed a long-awaited peaceful tranquility. Odetu lay on the leafy ground with his eyes closed as if sleeping, whilst in the realm of Utar the Dark Lord Zulgaré felt his power beginning to drain away from him. It was in this moment that I understood both the evil in magic as well as the goodness that it brings, and how it could alter and define the course of the future for all.

By Lucinda Fountain x

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Kimberly Rahi (kimmierahi) I read an article in Huffington Post today comparing Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones. I blogged about it and then set up a poll for people to weigh in. Please take the time to read the short blog post and weigh in on the poll. Comments ALWAYS welcome on my blog.


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Kimberly Rahi (kimmierahi) Check out my review on "The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug" Comments are welcome! Lets get a debate going!


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Pete Prown | 2 comments Pete Prown I'm Pete Prown, an author, and I enjoy your group very much. I pen a series of Tolkienesque fantasy books called "The Chronicles of Dorro." The second installment, DEVILS & DEMONS, was just published. See more at www.peteprown.com or here on Goodreads.

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Codex Regius (codex_regius) | 15 comments I suppose it's time to turn back to Tolkien again after some years of forced abstinence mainly due to PJ. :-)

Since some Tolkien collectors asked for it, I have converted a couple of essays from Lalaith's Middle-earth Science Pages (who have found a new address, so please update your weblinks: http://homepage.o2mail.de/lalaith/M-e... )
into printed books for easier reading, notably those long ones on the history and the languages of Mannish peoples. The other essays that cannot be categorised are going to stay available online at the above address. All five books, printed by Amazon's CreateSpace service or as ebooks from XinXii, can be obtained via the Middle-earth Science Pages or my book blog at http://www.codex-regius.de .

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