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Read before you start Dark Tower

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message 1: by Halbot42 (new)

Halbot42 | 185 comments So I think Tom said he plans to read Dark Tower. I just wanted to strongly suggest you start with the new revised Gunslinger that came out a few years ago, King went back and reedited the orginal to dovetail more nicely with the rest of the series and it became a much better read.

message 2: by Tom (new)

Tom Hansen (scarhoof) I finished up the Dark Tower series a few months ago. Wonderful writing, I'll even admit I was shedding tears for much of the last half of book 7.

I agree with reading the newer version of Gunslinger.

Also...when King tells you to stop, follow his advise. I wish I would have.

message 3: by Halbot42 (new)

Halbot42 | 185 comments lol yeah im a pretyy big guy 6'3" and people at work kept seeing me cry like a baby when King swings the scythe, end of wizard was pretty tough too...

message 4: by Sean (new)

Sean O'Hara (seanohara) | 2365 comments I have to dissent on the revised Gunslinger. Yes, it does fix a few continuity problems, but by and large King does this stupidly (the Marten/Walter/Flagg thing makes no freakin' sense) and the updated prose destroys the dream-like quality of the original book.

Jenny (Reading Envy) (readingenvy) | 2845 comments Oh really! I didn't know about that. I read the Gunslinger a year or so ago, and have been slowly building up my Dark Tower series from used book stores before I read the rest. (For the record, the Gunslinger is the only Stephen King I've gotten through without wanting to kill his editor).

message 6: by Michael (new)

Michael Scheuerman | 2 comments I have to agree that Tom should start with the new version of the Gunslinger. Also on the show he mentioned something about the audiobooks, if so the books are excellent work and should be experienced. The combination of the work itself and the excellent voice work almost made me tear up at work while listening to book 7.

message 7: by Mike (new)

Mike (mikespencer) | 60 comments I started the Dark Tower series a few years ago. I loved the Gunslinger, but was considerably less enthralled by The Drawing of Three. I thought the Waste Lands was a step up, but I've now had Wizard and Glass on my bookshelf unread for a couple of years. I hope to get back into the series, but I found that there are just so many series that I enjoy more.

But, I would still recommend that Tom (or anyone) give the series a go.

message 8: by Halbot42 (new)

Halbot42 | 185 comments I have to agree the Drawing is not as great as the rest of series. I think it came out around the point his career started to take the 80s slump. Wastelands however, was where the series became brilliant and i realized it was gonna be great, i think thats where the crossovers to Kings other work start really happening. Wizard is probably Kings nicest and most heartbreaking love story if that appeals to you at all

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