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Hi, Julie!
I also love Linda Lael Miller and she is about the only western author that I have read. Have read just about all her books.
I also have some western romance novels by Jill Gregory and Lorraine Heath, which I haven't read yet. Also Debra Cowan wrote the Whirlwind series, another western romance writer. I also two Montana books by R.C. Ryan.
Do you have any other authors that you like? I find it very hard to find good western romance writers.
You will like McKettricks of Texas: Austin; good book.

message 2: by Julie (new)

Julie Lence (bettysbassboat) | 145 comments Mod
Hi Peg:
I'm really going to show my age here. I began reading romance back in the late 80's. I read everything: contemporary, time-travel, Lords and Ladies in England, Vikings, pirates, cowboys/outlaws/Indians. Jude Deveraux has some westerns--a local library might have some of them. Johanna Lindey has some westerns--again, a local library might have some. The following I would recommend trying used book stores.
Vivian Vaughn (found one of hers that was part of a series in Tucson), Millie Criswell, Maureen McKade, Catherine Hart, Catherine Creel, Rebecca Sinclair, Sheryl Henke are all authors I have read. Not all of their books are westerns. Millie did a contemporary series set in Baltimore, I believe, about Italian and Jewish families. Being Italian and from the east coast, I laughed so hard because I knew many people like the characters in her books.
When I happened on Linda Lael Miller, I devoured hers from past to present.
For a newer author, try Stacey Coverstone at Stacey Coverstone.com. She writes westerns and is very good.
I confess I don't read as much as I used to, and I, too, find it difficutl to find a good western romance author. Maybe I'll have to visit the library and see what they have.

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Funny you should say that, but I am also Italian and come from the east coast! live in new jersey now but originally from good ole new york! I will definitely check out Millie Criswell and all the other authors you recommend.
I have been reading novels for a long time and started off with Danielle Steel in 1979! Before that, I must have read Kathleen Woodiwiss or Victoria Holt because I remember reading stories with castles in them!
I will definitely check out your authors.
I love to read and am presently reading Catherine Anderson's Kendrick/Coulter series; very good.
Talk to you again.

message 4: by Julie (new)

Julie Lence (bettysbassboat) | 145 comments Mod
It really is a small world. I'm originally from upstate NY and now live in the west. Spent 7 years at McGuire AfB when the hubby was stationed there.
I read a couple of Danielle Steele but didn't really care for her. The other two, no, I never read them. Once I found someone I liked, I bought everything by them I could find. My favrite is Judith McNaught. She hasn't written a western, but I love her voice and style.

message 5: by Readitnweep (new)

Readitnweep | 4 comments Hi - hope I'm doing this right as I've just joined.

I started reading romances long ago when Laurie McBain's Tears of Gold came out, and I'm a huge Scotland historical fans and when we moved to Arizona in 1980 I started reading western romances as well. I really like a lot of the Harlequin Historicals. I've recently picked up some Linda Lael Millers, and I've recently started looking for AZ romances again after going through my kilt love craze.

message 6: by Julie (new)

Julie Lence (bettysbassboat) | 145 comments Mod
Hi Readitnweep:
Glad to have you with us. I think you'll like Linda Lael Miller. Her westerns, both historical and contemporary, are good and many are set in Arizona. If I remember correctly, some of Vivian Vaughn's romances were set in Arizona, too. It has been many years since I've read her so I might be wrong.

I've read many historical novels set in Scotland and enjoyed all of them. But I confess, cowboys and ranches are my favorite.

message 7: by Readitnweep (new)

Readitnweep | 4 comments Vivian Vaughn - I'll look for her books, thanks for the tip. Yeah, I've found loads of books set in Texas but far less set here in AZ.

Yeah, I love kilts but there's something about men in jeans...

message 8: by Julie (new)

Julie Lence (bettysbassboat) | 145 comments Mod
And chaps and a Stetson!

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I like Linda Lael Miller as well, if its a western romance I read it. SOmetimes they are good other times they are not. I haven't read a western romance in a while though, I believe the last one I read was by Carol Finch and it was horrible.

message 10: by Julie (new)

Julie Lence (bettysbassboat) | 145 comments Mod
I find some mistakes in her books, but I always manage to learn something new and enjoy the story.

message 11: by Readitnweep (new)

Readitnweep | 4 comments I did read McKittrick's Choice by Linda Lael Miller and didn't care for it, but I've read such good things about her books that I'll try another.

message 12: by Julie (new)

Julie Lence (bettysbassboat) | 145 comments Mod
The 1st three books in this series are better. At least they were for me: High Country Bride, Shotgun Bride and Secondhand Bride. I alos liked the Stone Creek series. Some good cowboys/outlaws in that series.

message 13: by Emma (new)

Emma (emma61) | 1 comments I also enjoy Linda Lael Miller, but I really enjoyed "The Outsider" by Penelope Williamson. "Heart of the West" is also good. My all time favorite is LaVryle Spencer with "Morning Glory", "Hummingbird", and "Years". I am always up for a good author.

message 14: by Julie (new)

Julie Lence (bettysbassboat) | 145 comments Mod
Hi Emma:
I've read a few LaVryle Spencer, many, many years ago. Can't remember which ones. A friend of mine read her a lot and enjoyed her work.

message 15: by Cait (new)

Cait London (caitlondon) | 1 comments I loved Linda Howard's, Linda Lael Miller's, Rosemary Roger's, etc. I've re-read a lot of them, including Paris Afton Bonds, but lately listened to Linda Howard's early ones in audiobooks and love them again. I've been placing my own Cait Logan westerns back into epublishing under the Cait London brand and enjoying those, too. Especially remembering all the research trips.

message 16: by Julie (new)

Julie Lence (bettysbassboat) | 145 comments Mod
I've read a lot of Linda Lael Miller but not the other two. And I read a lot of Evelyn Rogers. I enjoy a good western romance, but sadly, I haven't had time to read in months and have 2 books sitting on my shelf just waiting.
I do enjoy researching details for my books. Some times it is frustrating when I can't find exactly what I'm looking for, so I improvise in the story. But I also come across interesting tidbits that keep me on the computer for hours when I should be writing.

message 17: by Mageela (new)

Mageela | 2 comments Hello,

I'm Mageela and I live in New York. I've written a western set in Montana 1870s. I sent it out but it was rejected and reading it about two years later I can understand. Right now, I'm revising it and hope to have it published one day because I love this story so much.

I love westerns. I love Leigh Greenwood and his books and Annie's Song. Well, I just love a good western, a cowboy or Marshall or gunslinger. Perfect. I love to ride off into the sunset.

message 18: by Julie (new)

Julie Lence (bettysbassboat) | 145 comments Mod
Hello Mageela:
Thank you for joining us. I'm with you. Give me a cowboy or an outlaw and I'm right at home and loving life. I've always had a weakness for the old west and for horses, ranches and a good time.
Congratulations on finishing a novel. That's awesome!Some folks don't get that far. Good luck with your edits and getting your manuscript out there. It took me many years to get published, so don't give up hope if you get another rejection--that's part of your job as a writer and means you're doing it well.

message 19: by Michell (new)

Michell (mchinea) | 5 comments Wow Mageela what an accomplishment to get as far as you have! I am in awe of someone who can put a story together. Best of luck to you in publishing....hope to read your story one day!

message 20: by Kathy (new)

Kathy Otten | 20 comments Hi All,
Mageela, don't get discouraged. Westerns aren't exactly at the top of any editor's list right now. I understand they are out. When you combine that with being a first time author, it gets tough. Just keep writing, hone your craft and keep submitting. There are many e-publishers out there if you are interested in going that route.

message 21: by Kathy (new)

Kathy Otten | 20 comments Emma mentioned The Outsider, by Penelope Williamson. I've seen the movie (Tim Daly was hot), but I've never read the book. It's one I want to get. I assume it is better than the movie. Anyone know?

message 22: by Julie (new)

Julie Lence (bettysbassboat) | 145 comments Mod
Hi Kathy:
Sorry to say I've neve read the book or watched the movie. If you come across the book, let us know what you think.

message 23: by Jayne (last edited Apr 19, 2011 12:30PM) (new)

Jayne Hello, I am new to this genre. Just started reading, Sarah McCarty, Hell's Eight series, . Have been reading lots of PN and contemporary love stories. Looking forward to lots of recommendations and opinions. Caine's Reckoning by Sarah McCarty

message 24: by Julie (new)

Julie Lence (bettysbassboat) | 145 comments Mod
Hi Jayne: Welcome. I'm always looking for new authors to read. What do you think of Sarah McCarty so far? Does she write hsitorical western? Contemporary? And are they romances?

message 25: by Jayne (new)

Jayne Her "Hell's Eight" takes place in the southwest during the 1850's. A group of Texas Rangers. I am on book #2, Sam's Creed Sam's Creed (Hell's Eight, #2) by Sarah McCarty
She does weave a good story so far. Have you read any of her books?

message 26: by Julie (new)

Julie Lence (bettysbassboat) | 145 comments Mod
No. I've never heard of her. I do like the Texas Rangers, though. Should make for an interesting read.

message 27: by Lisa Kay (last edited Apr 19, 2011 10:46PM) (new)

Lisa Kay (lisakayalicemaria) Hello, all. I just joined. I love Linda Lael Miller, Linda Lael Miller (who writes erotica, BTW), and just discovered Maggie Osborne and Jodi Thomas and I am reading the Wife Lottery series. I also read westerns by Leigh Greenwood, Elizabeth Lowell, Linda Howard, Lorraine Heath, and Catherine Anderson. I'll have to check out the others you all have mentioned. Thanks

message 28: by Sandy (new)

Sandy Sullivan | 14 comments Hi all,

I love to read westerns and anything with cowboys in it. Must be the reason I write the genere. LOL I have 2 western historical's available with Siren and several erotic contemporary westerns out there as well. You can check out my books at www.romancestorytime.com.

I love Lorelei James, too. Her Rough Riders series is really good.


message 29: by Julie (new)

Julie Lence (bettysbassboat) | 145 comments Mod
Hi Lisa and Sandy: Welcome.
Lisa, I've read a lot of LLM and am going to hear her speak next week. The other authors I've never read except Jodi Thomas. I do like the way she spins a good western romance.

Sorry to say, Sandy, I don't think I've read Lorelei James, either. When I did have more time to read, I usually found an author I liked and then scoured the used books stores to find their older works. Found a bunch once in a bookstore in Tucson.

Thanks for joining us.

message 30: by Chele (new)

 Chele (cheleakahulagirl) | 2 comments Sandy wrote: "Hi all,

I love to read westerns and anything with cowboys in it. Must be the reason I write the genere. LOL I have 2 western historical's available with Siren and several erotic contemporary wes..."

Hey, it's a good thing I joined this group. I'm on amazon constantly and am hooked on western romances. Why haven't I ever noticed Sandy Sullivan? Sandy, you are my new best friend. I'm starting off with Texas Lady :) Texas Lady  by Sandy Sullivan

message 31: by Sandy (new)

Sandy Sullivan | 14 comments Thanks Chele. I'm glad you've noticed me. LOL Enjoy the book!

~ Sandy

message 32: by Julie (new)

Julie Lence (bettysbassboat) | 145 comments Mod
I love it when people connect on here!

message 33: by Suzie (new)

Suzie Grant (suziegrant) | 4 comments Hi,
I just joined the group and am looking forward to checking out all the recommendations. I've just released two westerns myself called The Devil's Daughter the first in a series and For the Sake of Sin a erotic short story on Amazon and B&N.

Oh! I grew up reading Johanna Lyndsey, Jude Deveraux, Linda Lael Miller, and so many others. They sparked a love of the west for me I've never been able to forget. Looking forward to digging around and finding some new authors. Sandy I'll be sure to check out your book!

Suzie Grant

message 34: by Sandy (new)

Sandy Sullivan | 14 comments Thanks Suzie. All my books are available on Amazon, B&N, Bookstrand and ARe. I'll be sure to check yours too. I love finding a new western author.

~ Sandy

message 35: by Julie (new)

Julie Lence (bettysbassboat) | 145 comments Mod
Hi Suzie:
Welcome to the group. It's nice to have another western romance author/reader among us. I have 3 western historicals--2 are in ebook and print form and the other was just released as an ebook. They are a series about the Weston brothers and take place in the 1800's.
Johanna Lyndsey was and still is a big fav of mine. I can't get anough of her Malory family. Their antics make me chuckle throughout the entire story. Linda Lael Miller is another favo--I always learn something from one of her books, and I love Judith Mcnaught. Her style of writing is awesome.
Is your The Devil's Daughter available in ebook and print and where can one buy it?
Talk with you soon,

message 36: by Suzie (new)

Suzie Grant (suziegrant) | 4 comments Hi Julie,
The Devil's Daughter and For the Sake of Sin are both ebooks and available through Amazon and B&N.

For the Sake of Sin: http://www.amazon.com/Sake-Sin-ebook/...

The Devil's Daughter: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B004V4GN52

And omgosh how could I forget Judith Mcnaught, I must have lost my mind. I love her stories. I've found a new wonderful western author named Stacey Kayne. Pick her up she's wonderful! I'm on the prowl for some new books to read myself. What do you write and where can I find it?

Looking forward to chatting more with you all!
Suzie Grant

message 37: by Julie (new)

Julie Lence (bettysbassboat) | 145 comments Mod
Hi Suze:
I write western historical romance. Luck of the Draw, Lady Luck, and No Luck At All are available thru my publisher, Asylett Press.com. They are a series where each book features one of the Weston brothers as the hero.
Luck of the Draw and Lady Luck are available in ebook, download and print formats. No Luck At All is available in ebook and download formats, as it was just released a few weeks ago.
Another good western author is my critique partner, Stacey Coverstone. Visit her website and you can see the books she has written and what she's working on. She writes both contemporary and historical, and is very good.

message 38: by Suzie (new)

Suzie Grant (suziegrant) | 4 comments Sounds good, Julie. Looking forward to checking them all out. And welcome to the forum Kathleen!

message 39: by Julie (new)

Julie Lence (bettysbassboat) | 145 comments Mod
Hi Kathleen: Nice to have you with us. I'm originally down the road from Rochester--Schenectady. Now I'm out west and love it. Keep writing and sending off those query letters. Getting a contract will happen when you least expect it. Meanwhile, you have us in your corner cheering you on.

message 40: by Kimberly (new)

Kimberly Lewis (kimberlylewis) | 4 comments Hi everyone! I am new to the Goodreads website and in November I released my first contemporary western romance novel called When the Heart Falls. I enjoy reading western romance novels (contemporary and historical) as much as I enjoy writing them:) I am a fan of Linda Lael Miller and Carolyn Brown. I'm really happy I found this group and I'm looking forward to getting to know all of you!

message 41: by Julie (new)

Julie Lence (bettysbassboat) | 145 comments Mod
Hi Kimberly:
Welcome. It's nice to have you with us. Congratulations on the release of When the Heart Falls. I know you must be very excited. Who is the book released thru? Are you currently working on your next story?

message 42: by Kimberly (new)

Kimberly Lewis (kimberlylewis) | 4 comments Thanks Julie! I decided to try to whole self publishing thing with Amazon, so it's only available on the Kindle right now. And yes I am very excited about it:) I put it up for free download on Jan 2nd (running through Jan 6) and it's really taken off, way more than I ever expected it to. I am currently in the process of editing my next novel, which will be the first book of a series I am planning. I've been working on the other two books when I have the time, but I'm hoping to have them done sometime this year. Thanks again for welcoming me to the group!

message 43: by Julie (new)

Julie Lence (bettysbassboat) | 145 comments Mod
Hi Kimberly:
I just got into the self publishing biz. Due to health reasons, my pub had to close back in October. That left me with find another pub or do it myself. I chose do it myself and really like being in control. I have my 3 books on Kindle and the last one, I am getting ready --hopefully today-- to release in print. I'm using Create Space, which is affiliated with Amazon. The other 2, Amazon has some print copies left for sale.
My next project is to get the first 2 books of my new series onto Kindle and Create Space. I'm tackling the first book next week.
I think 2012 is going to be a busy year for everyone!

message 44: by Kimberly (last edited Jan 04, 2012 08:32AM) (new)

Kimberly Lewis (kimberlylewis) | 4 comments Hey Julie:) I've been wanting to release mine in print as well but am having a hard time with the whole pricing thing. I printed a few out through Lulu.com for friends and family memebers and it cost me $12 a book just to print it. And when I looked up the suggested retail price it said over $20. I was like "are you kidding me?" LOL. I've been thinking about looking into the Create Space but just haven't had a chance to do it yet. Let me know how it works out for you! I may be coming to you with questions about it in the near future:) Hope you don't mind.

message 45: by Julie (new)

Julie Lence (bettysbassboat) | 145 comments Mod
Hey Kimberly:
Create Space is the same as far as pricing. My price is $14.99 per copy. I thought that was very high, until I checked on Amazon and found other romances set at about the same price. C. Space gives you a table to help you price your book. It goes according to how many pages, the size of the book, and what color the interior pages and ink are. The table will tell you how much C. Space thinks it should sell for, and if you don't price it higher than that, you won't make royalties. The table will figure your royalites per sale at C.Space and Amazon, etc. There is also an option to upgrade your plan, for $40, which C.Space will then distribute the book to more outlets and you make a higher percentage on royalties. I'm not expecting to make much, to family and friends, but it was my personal goal to have this book in print. It's the last in a series.

I will use them again for my next series, but again don't expect a meaningful profit in print sales, but many of my family and family friends don't have e-readers and they want the books. I'm not complaining. Once I figured out what I was doing, I find like being in control of the whole process.

Fire away when/if you have questions. C.Space is a good tool to use and they are getting better each day by making their site and templates, etc much more user friendly to authors. Plus, they are on call to speak to a live person. It's very cool, to me, you just click on when you want them to call you and they do. I always choose 'now' and the phone rings that second. And they are very nice and pleasant on the phone.

Good luck!

message 46: by Peggy (new)

Peggy Henderson (peggyhenderson) | 3 comments When I published the first of my books in January, I didn't know what category it would fit under. I posted to a western romance forum on amazon, apologizing that if I was in the wrong category, to please remove my post. The OP and others assured me my book(s) are western.
In my Yellowstone Romance Series, I write about mountain men, and a fictionalized history of Yellowstone National Park. The first two books start off as time travels, and the fifth book I am currently writing is also a time travel. The series has been very well received.


here's the blurb for book 1, Yellowstone Heart Song
Book 1 in the Yellowstone Romance Series

Nurse and avid backpacker Aimee Donovan is offered the opportunity of a lifetime. She encounters a patient who tells her he can send her two hundred years into the past to spend three months in the rugged Yellowstone wilderness at the dawn of the mountain man era. The only requirement: she cannot tell anyone that she’s from the future.

How did a white woman suddenly appear in the remote Rocky Mountain wilderness? Trapper Daniel Osborne’s first instinct is to protect this mysterious and unconventional woman from the harsh realities of his mountains. While he fights his growing attraction to her, he is left frustrated by her lies and secrecy.

Daniel shows Aimee a side of Yellowstone she’s never experienced. She is torn between her feelings for him, and exposing a secret that will destroy everything he holds as truth. As her three months come to an end, she is faced with a dilemma: return to her own time, or stay with the man who opened her eyes to a whole new world. When the decision is made for her, both their lives will be changed forever.

Other titles in the Yellowstone Romance Series:

Yellowstone Heart Song (Book 1)
Yellowstone Redemption (Book 2)
Yellowstone Awakening (Book 3)
Yellowstone Dawn (Book 4)

message 47: by Julie (new)

Julie Lence (bettysbassboat) | 145 comments Mod
Hi Peggy:
Congratulations on getting published! Did you self publish or do you have a publisher? Love the idea of time travel. School is almost out for summer, and that's when I do most of my reading. Will check out Aimee ad Daniels' story. Julie

message 48: by Suzie (new)

Suzie Grant (suziegrant) | 4 comments Hey Peggy, it's good to see you here! I don't get to check in here often but I get by here every now and then. There are lots good book suggestions here and some good peeps. Welcome again! And I'm headed back into my writer's cave again. You all take care and happy reading!

message 49: by Peggy (new)

Peggy Henderson (peggyhenderson) | 3 comments Hi Suzie!
fancy seeing you here! I'm not here as much as I used to be, or like to be, either. After my current WIP is done, I' taking a reading break, for sure.

message 50: by Peggy (new)

Peggy Henderson (peggyhenderson) | 3 comments Hi Julie,
thank you! Yes, I'm self-pubbed. My crit partner scared me away from traditional publishing, and I, in turn talked her into trying self-publishing after I got my feet wet. I've really enjoyed the journey so far.
I can't wait for school to be out! I can hopefully get some reading in then as well.

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