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Curing large quantities of fabric

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message 1: by Eli (new)

Eli | 2 comments Hi Lena! First of all I loved your book and it has given me a lot of inspiration!

I went from printing small projects to screen printing repeat designs on yards of fabric and I am having some doubts as to the best way to heat set the ink (or curing, whatever the right term is).
I normally let the fabric dry on the table for a while (overnight) and then when the project is entirely finished I iron the fabric for about 5 min while keeping the iron moving. Now, this is perfect for smaller sizes but it risks taking forever for large quantities.
I don't have a dryer and I have heard that a home dryer might not be hot enough and a commercial dryer too hot. I am getting slightly confused and since I will be selling my pieces I was wondering whether you know of a way to speed up the process.
Thank you so much!

message 2: by Lena (new)

Lena (lenacorwin) | 65 comments Mod
hi lee,
i'm sorry i missed your question until now! did you find a solution?
my home dryer is hot enough to cure the ink. i've never heard that a dryer could be too hot- unless it scorches the fabric? i think a commercial dryer would be your best bet. using a dryer is much easier than ironing!


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