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message 1: by Turner (new)

Turner | 3 comments Hello Everybody-
I'm a new librarian, so bear with me (and please tell me if I posted this in the wrong folder).

I've been going through a lot of books and noticing that the page numbers are nearly always wrong, as in they don't match up with the page count that I can see in the physical copy of the book that I have in my hands. Are all of the page counts so egregiously wrong, or am I not following the right protocol for counting pages (ie: is the page count considered as being the number on the very last numbered page of the book? or is it the number of pages actually devoted to the story, so excluding indexes, etc)?

I would be very thankful if someone would enlighten me on this matter!

message 2: by rivka, Librarian Moderator (new)

rivka | 43570 comments Mod
Page numbers imported from Amazon (probably 80+% of current page numbers) are frequently wrong.

In general, check to see if the page numbering of a book has been changed (by viewing the librarian log for that specific edition); if it hasn't, you are probably right. If there have been edits, double-check your page count and contact the librarian who made the edit.

message 3: by Turner (new)

Turner | 3 comments Thanks for the prompt (!) reply. I'll keep all of that in mind when changing (or not changing) page numbers in future!

message 4: by Sandra (new)

Sandra | 24741 comments Tuner, the part of the librarian manual about page numbers is here

And yes page numbers are frequently wrong, most often books imported from Amazon.

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