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held the egg

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^^ Thank you oh so much.

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no problem :)

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Did it, booyah.

message 6: by Carson (new)

Carson T (carsont) so did looked a bit emo so I felt I needed to cheer it up ^.^

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XD Thanks...?

message 8: by Chris (new)

Chris | 32 comments CLICK IT.

Iviana (The Sign Painter) Mʘ‿ʘP (thesignpainter) OOhh is it gonna be a cyndiquill?

message 10: by Chris (new)

Chris | 32 comments yes.

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Tahtipolya Clicked All

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Oh, why thank you.

Iviana (The Sign Painter) Mʘ‿ʘP (thesignpainter) Vanster wrote: "CLICK AND HOLD-> "


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Iviana (The Sign Painter!) wrote: "OMG IT'S A LUXIO NOW!!!!!!"

IK. It evolved last night. YAY. And I holded your skitty. I BET YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT THIS IS->

message 18: by Chris (new)

Chris | 32 comments Click It.

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Ayay! You guessed correctly!

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O.o Ahh, I see. I can also read unknown writing fluently, it was just natural to me. Not too very hard. I don't watch much of them, but I'm pretty good at telling the eggs and stuff. ^^

Iviana (The Sign Painter) Mʘ‿ʘP (thesignpainter) Chris wrote: " Click It."

Growlithe, muk or Koffing, Magikarp, Eggsicute (idr how to spell it)

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Yeah, it's not that hard for me. How much didja get for the cards? O.o....XD

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*nodnod* I see.

message 24: by Chris (new)

Chris | 32 comments Click this one too.

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Tahtipolya clicked all again.

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Tahtipolya Is joining free?

message 28: by Tahtipolya (last edited Aug 19, 2010 04:46PM) (new)

Tahtipolya Yay!Absolutly free?No paying in the future or anything like that? (Some are like that O.o)

Iviana (The Sign Painter) Mʘ‿ʘP (thesignpainter) one more...

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Tahtipolya Soccerdog816 wrote: "Yay!Absolutly free?No paying in the future or anything like that? (Some are like that O.o)"

Just wondering.

Iviana (The Sign Painter) Mʘ‿ʘP (thesignpainter) Yeah. It's free.

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Tahtipolya Ok.

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Tahtipolya Adopt your own at

Is it free to join there to?

message 36: by Sam (new)

Sam | 35 comments Yep.

message 37: by Tahtipolya (new)

Tahtipolya :D

message 38: by Tahtipolya (new)

Tahtipolya I signed up :D

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message 40: by Sam (new)

Sam | 35 comments Yay! I'm Sparrowstar1. Who are you?

message 41: by Tahtipolya (new)

Tahtipolya Rayquaza, do you know codes for the team rocket hideout?

message 42: by Sam (new)

Sam | 35 comments You have to win them. They change all the time.

message 43: by Tahtipolya (new)

Tahtipolya Oh, can you see other people's profiles?

message 44: by Sam (new)

Sam | 35 comments Yeah.

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Tahtipolya Ok.

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message 49: by Chris (new)

Chris | 32 comments Click it and than hold.

message 50: by Tahtipolya (new)

Tahtipolya ok

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