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Frecia | 4 comments I remember my teacher reading this book to the class but i cant remeber the title. It was about an american man, probably around world war time or 60's, who had lost his memory or was born with a disbility which ment he couldn't read, talk fluently or think at an average level. He is one day taken into a brain science lab, that do tests on mice, monkeys and brain development and they teach him basic stuff that you learn in nursery and psychological tests and the book is written as a diary written by the man and you get to see how he describes his feelings and what he learns everyday as his grammer and speech improves. He then becomes a really clever person with a huge IQ. I really want to find the name of this book, it was really inspiring.

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Frecia | 4 comments OMG thankyou so much!!!!!!!!!

message 4: by Lisa (new)

Lisa Vegan (lisavegan) | 1396 comments I was going to tell you, Frecia, to put more description in your topic title, but no need! Thanks Kate and Frecia. I'll move folders and shelve it, if it's not already shelved.

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