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message 1: by Halbot42 (new)

Halbot42 | 185 comments Just listened to the abridged audiobook of this, i think its the best one i've heard. The variety of viewpoints goes great with the different actors and works really well with this type of book. This was much better than the first book by Brooks the Z survival guide, which was marketed as humor but just wasn't funny. I thought Mark Hamill stole the show, both Reiners were great as well. Anyway anyone listened to and read both versions is it worth going back for the unabridged nuggets? Did i miss much good stuff? Consider in your answer that i loved all 450 pages of additional content in the Stand soo..

Larry Zieminski | 11 comments I haven't read the paper/e-book version yet (though I own it), but I just wanted to agree with you that the audio version was fantastic. The use of different voice actors for each part was an excellent choice. I found myself driving to further and further locations just to get extra listening time in.

The kindle version was selling for $5, so I picked it up. I'm looking forward to the extra material.

message 3: by Djangelic (new)

Djangelic | 9 comments So, I listened to the Audiobook, and it was amazing, but my little brother mentioned some stories from it, that were not on the audio book. Now I am going back and re reading it. It is great both ways, and I was sucked into it by the audiobook :)

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