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message 1: by M. (new)

M. Clifford (mcliffordauthor) Hi everyone! I'm giving away an ARC through my author blog - If anyone's interested, you're more than welcome to enter! My soon-to-be-released new YA novel is called Felinian -- short blurb below. And be sure to "follow" my blog! I always update with interesting info and plan on posting some video interviews soon too!

About Felinian --
A NEW and elegant gothic monster bred into the life of a modern, 14-year old girl, with a history as deep and mythological as those creatures we already fear and adore. If you love reading about vampires, werewolves, mummies and the rest, you will not stop until you devour the first of this many chaptered series!

message 2: by Purr More (new)

Purr More (m222) I just entered your giveaway. It sounds interesting...I can't resist a cat-related paranormal! :)

message 3: by M. (new)

M. Clifford (mcliffordauthor) Great! Good luck -- hope you win! :) But if not, the book will be officially released at the end of the month. I'll post updates here around that time.

message 4: by Cecilia (new)

Cecilia | 167 comments Hey M. Clifford,

I entered your giveaway, too, and signed up for your mailing list whilst I was in the vicinity...:> "Felinian" sounds like it would be really cool!

To: Michelle (other entrant)...your baby is a sweetie & pretty (or handsome as the case may be)! I have 3 cats myself, all strays, and love them dearly. From your kitty pictures...I can tell your cat has lots of personality...>

Thanks for a chance to win an ARC of your upcoming book, "Felinian".


message 5: by Purr More (new)

Purr More (m222) Hey Cecilia, thanks! He is a sweetie but also a terror at times :) And yes, personality plus!

message 6: by M. (new)

M. Clifford (mcliffordauthor) Hi Cecilia! Thanks for entering! I'll be (randomly) choosing a winner soon, so good luck to you too!


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