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message 1: by Jan (new)

Jan (janoda) | 140 comments Hello, I'm fairly new to Goodreads, so I hope I'm doing this all right.
I was creating a list about original editions and translations, and couldn't find the original dutch edition of a book by Dirk Bracke.
Instead it shows the german translation. To me it seems strange that the default edition of a book isn't the original language it was written in, especcially when there isn't an english edition (since this is a mainly english site, I'd understand if english editions were given priority).

Is there a way I, or someone with library powers, could change the default edition of this work? Or am I totally in the wrong place here ,in which case I apologize.

The book data:
Een vlieg op de muur by Dirk Bracke (doesn't have an isbn listed) is the original dutch work, but is listed as Wie eine Fliege an der Wand. Straßenkinder in Südamerika. (the German translation) isbn: 3725206325


message 2: by Renske (new)

Renske | 11050 comments The default edition is the most popular edition of the book

message 3: by Sandra (new)

Sandra | 25161 comments Jan

No one has the powers to change the default edition of any book. It is simply the edition of the book most shelved by members.

message 4: by Jan (new)

Jan (janoda) | 140 comments Ahh.
Sorry for posting then, I didn't know.

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