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message 1: by Sundaysdusk813 (new)

Sundaysdusk813 | 2 comments Garth Nix is a very open-minded arthor. i love his keys to the kingdom serise (i think i spelled it right). its about a 12 year old arthur pehaligon(however u say his last name) & it is dis really addicting serise. & if ur n2 fantasy, adventure, & d unexplainable. read it. :) i dont think u'll regret it, but if u do....pleze tell me.

message 2: by Rachel O (new)

Rachel O (rachelophotography) ive read this series gr8 for most ages i read it when i was abt 11 bt my brother re reads them and he was 18 ur right its highly addictive but would nt reccommend to ppl who dnt like to 'think' abt the books they read! (-;

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