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Madison Mcgraw Hi Jennifer,
I received your email saying you wanted give me a free copy of your book (the email came from a mass mailing via GoodReads) but when I went to your website, found there was no way to contact you.
I don't mind being part of a mass mailing, and perhaps it's an oversight on your part, but I feel like I was duped into checking out your website.
I think it's really important for authors to be be able to connect with their readers. By not offering a method of feedback, it's kind of like saying you don't value them.
Much Luck.

Jennifer Madison...I never sent any emails out about getting a free copy of my book anywhere??? I am confused where that came from? I sent an email out about recommending my book for summer reading and also suggesting those who currently have a copy to donate one to a library or non-profit.

I have contact methods on everyone of my webpages and respond to every person who contacts me. On my webpage there is a form to contact me.

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