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Alias Reader (aliasreader) | 19118 comments Welcome to BNC. :)

Here are a few simple tips to help make the board run smoothly.

We appreciate your cooperation.

~ Please post in the correct Folder and Thread.

~ Please don't start new threads. Use existing ones.

~ We encourage members to visit and post often.

~When you mention a book, it would be helpful if you could also provide a GR link. When you do this it populates the "books mentioned in this Topic" and "Authors mentioned in this topic field." (found on the right hand side of page.) This makes it easy for people to go back and find the discussion on a particular book.

Also when you provide the GR link, it provides an easy way for others to quickly see the synopsis, book details and GR member comments on the book you are writing about.

Thank you for joining BNC. We look forward to hearing your opinions on books and all the other fun Folders we have. So don't be shy, just jump right into the discussions. :)

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Alias Reader (aliasreader) | 19118 comments BNC Road map

It is helpful to people reading the board to post on topic and in the correct Folder and Thread. This helps people find the posts/discussions they are interested in at a later date. Also it makes the board easier to read and navigate.

If you think you need a new Folder or Thread please let me know. Do not start a new thread or folder on your own. Any such Thread/Folder will be deleted.

To see all the Folders/threads, just click on the Discussion link found on the right side of the page.

Thanks, everyone, for your understanding and cooperation.

We have Folders for:

~ Books
This is a general thread that I set up every two months. It is for general discussions about books.

~ What did you read last month ?
I put up a new thread each month. Here is where you list the books you've read in the prior month. It's helpful if you give a GR link for each book, synopsis and why you liked or didn't like the book. If you rate your books it would be helpful to include that also.

~ Want to join me in Reading?
This Folder is for people who are looking for someone to read a book with. It can be as little as two people or more. Just post a book you want to read in a few weeks (this gives others time to get the book if they are interested and also time to finish up the book they are currently reading). Sometimes you get lucky and find a buddy and sometimes not. If you find someone who is interested in reading a book with you, just let me know and I will set up the thread for you.

~ Bi-Monthly Book Selection
This Folder is for our Group read. We read a book every other month. We nominate, than vote on the group reads. Watch the board for the announcements by me on when and how to participate.

~Book lists and Calendar

This Folder is for book lists that you would like to share. The calendar is a list of the new book releases that I post each month. If you have a list, we would love to read it !

~Plays, Short Stories & Essays
This folder is for Buddy Reads of Plays, short stories & essays. We periodically suggest and read these together. It's informal. If you have a play, short story or essay that you would like to read with someone, post the title and we may be able to find you a buddy to read it with.

~ TV
Post here about your favorite TV show

~Movies, Theater, Music and Art
Within this Folder are separate Threads to discuss Movies, theater you've attended or plan to see, Music and Art. This is not the folder to discuss reading plays. Post for reading plays belongs in the Plays, Short Stories & Essays Folder.

We keep two threads ongoing in this Folder.
~Diet/ Health/Exercise to discuss this topic in general and to encourage each other in reaching our goals.
~Recipes a place to post your recipes.

So far we have two threads in this folder. If there is a craft that you would like a special thread for just let me know and I will set it up.
~* General Crafting Conversation This thread is for general craft conversation.
~ sewing / knitting - Chat about sewing /knitting

This Folder is to discuss your travel plans and trips.

~ General Conversation
This is the place to post about things that don't fit into any other Folder. I ask that you refrain from posting about politics or religion. Any such posts will be deleted.

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