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Craig I feel as if this book was not widely released; what are your reasons for reading it?

Mike Petty My dad bought it rather randomly. I had heard (through conspiracy theorists) that he was responsible for Tunguska-so I thought I'd investigate.

Rebecca My reasons for reading it were that i was really interested in Nikola Tesla. History in school is not accurate. I wanted to know about the brilliant genius that discovered how electricity works. This book is worth reading because it gives you the perspective of the electricity wars and his conmpeition with Edison. We know Edison. I wanted to know why Nikola Tesla was written out of the history books. Tesla was genius in his own time, the internet was one of his ideas. Why did history treat him so badly, he was a genius, crazy but brilliant. I honestly wanted to know why.

Jimmie Rundberg When I started working as an intern at a newspaper, my colleague showed me all the books stored in the office. He asked me if there was any that I wanted to read and I choose this book (the cover is the same and sounds like it is the same content at least, I read it in Swedish). Nikola Tesla was one of those persons that got talked about a lot, and I didn't know much about either him or his work and wanted to find out more.

James Mcmurray In self-educated geek circles like the ones I frequented in high school Tesla was a mythological figure. He'd invented everything from perpetual motion to free energy. Clearly we don't have anything like that now so the myths aren't true. I saw this book as a chance to learn some facts about a person who is rarely portrayed in any sort of realistic light.

Dale Pearl If you like the cooky made scientist type who is in love with a pigeon more than people... well this might be for you. I read it, enjoyed but I will have to say it lowered by impression of Tesla quite a bit. Yes, he was brilliant but clearly he wasn't in the mold of Einstein, Edison, Franklin, DaVinci. Don't get me wrong he was a mad genius but often built himself up more than he could ever deliver.

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