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Antje གརས པཅ Parker | 459 comments ((Start))

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Sara was strolling through the forest looking for food. She saw an apple tree ahead. She climbed to the top and grabbed the redest one.

Antje གརས པཅ Parker | 459 comments Cat got dressed

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Sara ate the apple then climbed down from the tree.

Antje གརས པཅ Parker | 459 comments Cat walked down stairs

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Sara looked at the castle. She always wanted to be there, she would even be a servant.

Everley Sharp, the Clankinist (TheawesomeestreaderpersonEVAH) Isolde closed her eyes and breathed in, wishing she could escape the life of a betrothed noblewoman. When she opened her eyes again, she breathed in the sweet smell of honeysuckle and summer before standing and brushing off her dress.

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sara looked down at her outfit. She wore a torn up dress covered in dirt. "Hmm. I need new clothes!" she said to herself.

Antje གརས པཅ Parker | 459 comments Cat walked outside

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Sara walked around town. She saw the perfect dress hanging on a clothes line. she snatched it and ran of.

Everley Sharp, the Clankinist (TheawesomeestreaderpersonEVAH) Isolde tucked her hair behind her ear, but it was soon drifting in front of her face in the wind again. She turned back towards the city, her eyes searching the distant horizon for a way to freedom. She sighed and turned towards her horse, twining her fingers in his mane and leaping onto his back before spurring him towards the castle.

Kate (theshortone) (katetheshortone) Rowan rushed through the forest running fromo a stray hunting dog. She held her bow in hand as she ran swiftly through the trees. She looked back to see if the dog was still their and unknowingly came to the edge of the forest. Rowan turned her attention back to the forest and suddenly bumped into a horse. She looked up into the face of a young woman. "Sorry."

Kate (theshortone) (katetheshortone) Rowan gasped and backed away from the woman. She turned around and ran back to the woods.

Antje གརས པཅ Parker | 459 comments Cat walked though the market place

Everley Sharp, the Clankinist (TheawesomeestreaderpersonEVAH) §♫♪Natasha Everett♪♫§ I♥God wrote: "Rowan gasped and backed away from the woman. She turned around and ran back to the woods."

"Hey wait!" she spurred her horse onward and chased after the girl.

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Kate (theshortone) (katetheshortone) Rowan stopped at the start of the first trees and turned around slowly. Her eyes narrowed untrustingly. Her hand tightened around her bow her other hand reaching instinctively to the quiver on her back, fingering the peacock feathers on the end of an arrow.

Everley Sharp, the Clankinist (TheawesomeestreaderpersonEVAH) "Why are you running?" she asked her, sliding off her horse and looking at the girl's narrowed eyes and her readied bow hand.

Kate (theshortone) (katetheshortone) Rowan stepped back her body tensed to run. "If you knew you wouldn't ask, you would run and tell," rowan said darkly.

Everley Sharp, the Clankinist (TheawesomeestreaderpersonEVAH) "Try me. I have no secrets. I would be glad to share in a few. And you won't hear me talking. In a few months, I'll be in Poland, a trophy wife for a king years older than me."

Kate (theshortone) (katetheshortone) "You were sold off that easily." "My father would have something to say about that," Rowan mumbled avoiding the question.

Everley Sharp, the Clankinist (TheawesomeestreaderpersonEVAH) "That easy. And I'm not going to forget that you haven't answered my question."

Kate (theshortone) (katetheshortone) "Well your ladyship," Rowan said bowing mockingly. "I would but I can't," Rowan said sullenly. She turned back to the forest. "If you want to find out you'll just have to get your dress dirty."

Everley Sharp, the Clankinist (TheawesomeestreaderpersonEVAH) "No problem." she whistled a tune and her horse turned and trotted off. She pulled a small hunting knife out of her pouch and cut her skirt off at her knees so she could run.

Kate (theshortone) (katetheshortone) Rowan looked down at her own short tunic and shrugged. she started running through the forest towards the center leaping over logs and dodging branches.

Everley Sharp, the Clankinist (TheawesomeestreaderpersonEVAH) she followed right behind her, but following with a bit more grace.

Kate (theshortone) (katetheshortone) Rowan glared and stepped behind a tree a started running the other way. Her quiver bounced on her back yet the arrows stayed inside.

Everley Sharp, the Clankinist (TheawesomeestreaderpersonEVAH) She turned easily. "You're trying to loose me," she accused.

Kate (theshortone) (katetheshortone) "Maybe," Rowan called over her shoulder. "Or maybe not."

Everley Sharp, the Clankinist (TheawesomeestreaderpersonEVAH) "You don't have to shout. I'm right next to you."

Kate (theshortone) (katetheshortone) Rowan scowled and stopped quickly. She ran towards a tree and started climbing reaching the top branch in no time.

Big footsteps tromped into the forest behind the tree Rowan had climbed. "Rowan Hood, come down from there your fathe is calling for you," a loud booming voice called.

Everley Sharp, the Clankinist (TheawesomeestreaderpersonEVAH) Isolde looked at who had spoken, and suddenly realized how improper she looked. not that she cared, but her parents would.

Kate (theshortone) (katetheshortone) Rowan laughed and swung down upside down to look at the giant of a man tromping toward her. "Little John, you big oaf."

Everley Sharp, the Clankinist (TheawesomeestreaderpersonEVAH) "Rowan, you just explained, whether you wanted to or not."

Kate (theshortone) (katetheshortone) "Of course," Rowan said cheekily. she hopped off and stood tall boldly even though se hardly stood as tall as Isolde herself.

Little John stared at Isolde warily. "Your father wants you immediately and you'll have to explain this," he said nodding towards Isolde.

Kate (theshortone) (katetheshortone) Rowan smiled. "Now follow us to our humble abode your Highness," she said waving her hands.

Little John rolled his eyes.

Everley Sharp, the Clankinist (TheawesomeestreaderpersonEVAH) "I would, only my parents are already miffed with my behavior, and not that Icare about what they think, but they can make my life quite miserable."

Kate (theshortone) (katetheshortone) "Well your parents won't find you here," rowan said turning back then shrugged. She started towards a thick wall of trees and bushes.

Little John started off.

Everley Sharp, the Clankinist (TheawesomeestreaderpersonEVAH) She sighed and followed.

Kate (theshortone) (katetheshortone) Rowan slung her bow over her shoulder and pushed through the bushed into a large clearing with a huge oak tree in the middle of the ollow. Men stood around the tree on fallen logs each with a bow in their hands or at their feet.

Everley Sharp, the Clankinist (TheawesomeestreaderpersonEVAH) Isolde looked around, a half smile on her face. ((btw, can someone make isolde a guy?))

Kate (theshortone) (katetheshortone) ((um...I will...Will Scarlett))

Everley Sharp, the Clankinist (TheawesomeestreaderpersonEVAH) ((yayz! lol, funy velveta commercial!))

Kate (theshortone) (katetheshortone) ((wow))

Will looked up as Rowan and Little John tromped into the clearing followed by a beautiful young women. He looked surprised and looked at Rowan questioningly.

Rowan shrugged and walked towards a tall man beside the oak trees with a dark hood draped over his face. "This is Isolde, um...we met suddenly."

Everley Sharp, the Clankinist (TheawesomeestreaderpersonEVAH) She ignored the people staring at her, looking around.

"Incredible technology," she breathed,

Kate (theshortone) (katetheshortone) Will stood up and walked behind the others his gaze still following the young woman.

Rowan smiled. "You knew didn't you," she asked her father. Robin nodded and he pushed down his hood to show a smiling face with laugh lines over his face. He looked exactly like her in many ways. "Hello, Isolde welcome to the home of Robin Hood and his band of merry man," he said bowing. rowan smirked and looked away.

Everley Sharp, the Clankinist (TheawesomeestreaderpersonEVAH) "I suppose it is I who should be bowing to you," Isolde said, her eyes still roving around the clearing.

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Kate (theshortone) (katetheshortone) Will jumped behind a taller man as her gaze swept over the men. Rowan covered her mouth. Robin laughed. "No need every man or lady," hesaid his gaze looking between the two girls. "Here in this circle of merry men and women are equal." Rowan took her hand away from her mouth and grinned. She stepped away from the two and behind the others. She walked towards Will a smirk on her face. "Taken a fancy to her," Rowan said trying not to laugh. Will looked down at his feet. "No," he said simply.

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Elena was strolling through the streets and bypasses the Castle where the Princess lived, I wish I was princess. Elena thought to herself. If I were to be a princess, I have no idea what I would do besides help the poor.

Kate (theshortone) (katetheshortone) Will blushed. "And what interest is it of you, fair maidenof te Robin's hood," he looked up jokingly. "Oh nothing," Rowan said turning away. She glared at herself. I almost told him, she scolded herself. Robin smiled warmly at Isolde. 'Well, if you decide to stay you may share a room in the oak tree with Rowan." Rowan walked back towards Isolde slowly. Will frowned at Rowan. Why is she being so slow, he thought to himself.

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Elena sat down on the ground.

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